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"Data Preparation for Analytics" and "Data Quality for Analytics" on the Road

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Welcome to my new series Data Preparation (DP) and Data Quality (DQ) on the road. The main actors here are my two SAS books Data Preparation for Analytics Using SAS and Data Quality for Analytics Using SAS, which are allowed to accompany me to many conferences, SAS events, and private journeys. This page contains links to collections of pictures that show the author with his two books at different places in the world. The pictures are commented by their title. For some trips you also find a blog entry at SAS Bookshelf blog. You can also access the pictures in my flickr photo album directly.

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Last updated by Gerhard Svolba on April 15, 2017.

News: I have started working on my third book!

Working Title: Advanced Analytic Case Studies Using SAS. Case Studies for Data Analysis with SAS - Business Context, Rationale, SAS Code Examples. Color? Most likely RED  :-) BAWS NewBook.JPG

D.P. and D.Q. on the road

(see the description of each image with a "mouse-over" in the flickr-album --> PICTURES)

AACS Overview1.jpg Advanced Analytic Case Studies with SAS: Currently working on my 3rd SAS Press book Twitter.

A2015Rome Gerhard.JPG Analytics 2015 in Rome: Download the slides of my presentation in the Visualisation and Discovery Stream.

DQFA Clustering1.jpg Getting Clustered : Read my blog (German| English) about how I clustered the 59 chapters of books with SAS Contextual Analysis and got impressing results.

DQFA SGF2015.jpg SGF2015 in Dallas, TX : Download the presentation and the Paper. Pictures will follow soon.

DPDQ A2014.JPG A2014 in Frankfurt : Pictures and Analytical Data Quality Profiling with SAS Visual Analytics

DPDQ NewYork.JPG New York and SAS Campus Cary, NC : Pictures and Interview on Youtube.

DPDQ Finnland.JPG The Nordics Tour 2 - Finnland : Pictures and Data Quality and the Consequences presentation - Paper on "Data Quality Criteria for Analytics" in the IT-Briefcase

DPDQ Sweden.JPG The Nordics Tour 1 - Sweden : Pictures and Data Quality and the Consequences presentation

DPDQ Liechtenstein.JPG Liechtenstein and Mannheim : Pictures and Missing You! Presentation in German and AnalyticsMagazine201401.jpg Paper on "Missing Values" in the Analytics Magazine and Blog Entry

DPDQ Pannonian.JPG Pannonian Summer : Pictures

DPDQ London.jpg Two Englishmen at A2013 : Pictures and PDF Version (English) of the Missing You! presentation and - A2013 interview on youtube - Blog Entry and AnalyticsMagazine201401.jpg Paper on "Missing Values" in the Analytics Magazine.

DPDQ Germany.jpg German Cities : Pictures and Data Mining Anwendertag 2013 in Heidelberg presentation and JMP Explorer Seminar in Frankfurt and Paper on "Data Quality Criteria for Analytics" in the IT-Briefcase

DPDQ Chicago.JPG US Trip 2013, Cary NC and Chicago : Pictures and Youtube Interview on data preparation and data quality

DPDQ Ulm.jpg KSFE 2013 in Ulm, Germany : Pictures and Blog and Presentation (German)

DPDQ Ottakring.jpg New kids on the shelf : Pictures and Book presentation in the SAS Club Austria and Austria -- SAS Club

DPDQ GrandCanyon.JPG At the Grand Canyon Plateau : Pictures and A2012 presentation

DPDQ Florida.JPG Driving around Florida : Pictures