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[ IBM Internal Data Formats]
[ IBM Internal Data Formats]
[ Paper 131-2013]
[ Creating ZIP Files with ODS]
[ SUGI 27: An Application of ODS Tagsets]
[ SUGI 27: An Application of ODS Tagsets]

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Jack Hamilton has been a SAS User since the Carter administration. He currently works for Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, and has previously worked for Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, First Health (formerly HealthCare Compare, now owned by Coventry Health Care, to be owned by Aetna in 2014), Amdahl Corporation (now owned by Fujitsu), Varian Associates (now split into Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.; Varian, Inc; and Varian Medical Systems, Inc.), and Stanford University (which so far has not sold out or split up).



Please do not request a LinkedIn connection if you have not personally worked with me in some way. pages to which I have been a major contributor

Using the TRANSLATE function to validate data

Four methods of performing a look-ahead read

PROC REPORT with pseudo-observation numbers

Parsing SYSPARM with Infile Magic

Celko's Median

PROC REPORT and PROC TABULATE with ratios and total titles

Drug Days

Writing a file with PROC SQL

Writing to an in-memory array with PUT

Dynamic formats in PROC REPORT

Creating Summary and Detail Sections in an Excel Worksheet Using the ExcelXP Tagset

Creating a ZIP File Using Native SAS Features

Obtaining A List of Files In A Directory Using SAS Functions

User Group Papers

Papers on the web:

SUGI 25: The Problem with NODUPLICATES

SUGI 26: How Many Observations(r) Are In My Data Set

IBM Internal Data Formats

Creating ZIP Files with ODS

SUGI 27: An Application of ODS Tagsets

SUGI 25: Work-Arounds for SASWare Ballot Items

493-2013: Writing a Useful Groovy Program When All You Know - SAS

SUGI 26: Getting Data from SAS to Your Palm Best Contributed Paper

229-29: Using New Features in ODS to Create Master/Detail Reports

SUGI 25: Using SAS Under OpenVMS at First Health

229-2012: What Do You Mean, Not Everyone Is Like Me ...

046-31: DIGITS and DATES – The SQL Procedure Goes "Loopy"

An Introduction to SASHELP Dictionary Views

Creating Data-Driven Data Set Names in a Single Pass Using Hash ...

SAS on a Mac?

Generating Code with PROC REPORT

An Introduction to Creating and Using ODS Tagsets

Creating Linked Web Pages for SAS® Format Documentation

The Problem With NODUPLICATES, Continued‎

Using the COMPUTE Block in PROC REPORT

Creating a ZIP File using Native SAS® Features

Obtaining A List of Files In A Directory

Master/Detail Reporting in Base SAS

The Problem with NODUPS

Some Utility Applications Using the Dictionary Tables in

The Select Statement

P'S Porridge: What's in Those Brown Manuals?