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A Serious Look at Macro Quoting

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Ian Whitlock, Westat
Rockville, MD


You can make decisions macro with %IF and do looping with %DO-loops. But there are times when you don't understand why the beast does what it does. Now what? It is time to come to this presentation.

It is time to take a serious look at macro quoting. I have often said that anyone who thinks macro quoting is simple, probably doesn't understand the problem; so I have been there. Now I want to explain how simple it is.

Everything relevant to this paper is in SAS®/BASE. Although the examples have been executed on a PC under Windows, the examples are independent of any particular operating system with the exception of file definitions.

You might think this paper is a compendium of all the macro quoting functions. It is not. It is more about the subject of macro quoting than about the macro quoting functions.

Online resources

You can download the .pdf of this paper.