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Published paper:  [[Media:211-2013.pdf]]  
Published paper:  [[Media:211-2013.pdf]]  
Powerpoint presentation:  [[Media:211-2013.ppt]]  
<!--Powerpoint presentation:  [[Media:211-2013.ppt]] -->
Proceedings poster:  [[Media:211P_2013.pdf]]  
Proceedings poster:  [[Media:211P_2013.pdf]]  

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Analyzing the Safewalk® Program with SAS®: Saving Shelter Dogs One Walk at a Time


The MSPCA (Massachusetts Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) in Boston initiated the Safewalk® Program in January 2009. This program was designed to enrich the experience of shelter dogs by providing training to volunteers and staff that allow dogs of varied backgrounds and temperaments to be exercised safely, as well as promoting behaviors encouraging adoption on the adoption floor. Intuitively the program was felt to increase adoption rates, particularly in "hard to adopt" dogs, but proving the benefits of the program was a challenge, especially given the greatly increased numbers of homeless dogs during the Safewalk Program time period. The MSPCA has recorded statistics on all animals in their care compiled with Chameleon© software. Records for all dogs for 30 months prior to the initiation of Safewalk and 30 months after were selected from the Chameleon data base. This data extract was analyzed using multiple SAS procedures in SAS/STAT. This paper will demonstrate how SAS analysis, output and statistical graphs allowed us to assess the effects of the Safewalk Program and which populations it most affected.

This is the page for the SAS Global Forum 2013 and NESUG 2012/2013 paper / presentation / poster.

Online Materials

Published paper: Media:211-2013.pdf

Proceedings poster: Media:211P_2013.pdf

Paper poster - large panel: Media:213_2013_bigpanel.pdf

Paper poster - small panel: Media:213_2013_sidepanel.pdf

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