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Architecting SAS in a Modern World: Best Practices for Design, Configuration and Management of SAS®

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Architecting SAS in a Modern World: Best Practices for Design, Configuration and Management of SAS®


Gregory S. Nelson - ThotWave Technologies, LLC.


For decades, SAS has been relegated to the world of the mystical, the unknown and perhaps even superstitious. Configuration options, switches and toggles all in conspicuous or perhaps precarious positions, waiting for the day when an expert can take a closer look—or worse, when something breaks.

This paper will show how SAS can be architected with modern Windows and UNIX systems solutions. While current users of SAS 9 can continue to use the software as they (or their fathers) always have, SAS 9 now offers new possibilities for how to use its technology more efficiently as well as how to better manage infrastructure.

We will explore the hardware side of SAS by examining disk options, I/O configurations, backup as well as understanding how powerful multi-way (and multi-core) systems can ease your SAS processing with optimal configurations between processors and memory. Finally, we will discuss when technologies like Citrix (or terminal services) and virtualization (like VMWare) could and should be an option for your organization.

This paper is aimed at the traditional SAS programmer wanting enough information to be dangerous in discussions with IT. For the IT professional who wants the truth about what exactly matters in the world of SAS and what options exist for the best possible configuration.


SAS Programmers, Managers, IT, System administrators


SAS 9, architecture, I/O, Citrix, VMware, operating systems, IT support, multi-processors

Location Delivered

San Francisco, CA


SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence, Data Integration Studio, Base SAS, SAS 9 Platform

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