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Are You a Control Freak? Control Your Programs – Don’t Let Them Control You!

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Mary Rosenbloom Edwards Lifesciences
Art Carpenter California Occidental Consultants


You know that you want to control the process flow of your program. When your program is executed multiple times, with slight variations, you will need to control the changes from iteration to iteration, the timing of the execution, and the maintenance of output and LOGS. Unfortunately in order to achieve the control that you know that you need to have, you will need to make frequent, possibly time consuming, and potentially error prone manual corrections and edits to your program.

Fortunately the control you seek is available and it does not require the use of time intensive manual techniques. List processing techniques are available that give you control and peace of mind that allow you to be a successful control freak. These techniques are not new, but there is often hesitancy on the part of some programmers to take full advantage of them.

This paper reviews these techniques and demonstrates them through a series of examples.

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