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Base SAS versus SAS Data Integration Studio

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Paper 099-31

Base SAS® vs. SAS® Data Integration Studio: Understanding ETL and the SAS Tools Used to Support It


Base SAS vs. ETL Studio: Understanding ETL and the SAS tools used to support it Download Paper,


Gregory S. Nelson - ThotWave Technologies, LLC.


Every data warehouse, data mart and data hut needs it. Every good business intelligence interface depends on it. It has been the hallmark of what SAS programmers have done for over 30 years – the ability to beat data into submission (a.k.a. ETL - extract, transform and load data). Now all grown up and ready to take on the world, SAS’ ability to get at just about any data source, massage, cajole, beat, cleanse and transform information and then make it sing and dance in your tool of preference makes SAS the ideal choice for modern decision support applications.


SAS Programmers, Managers


ETL Studio, BASE SAS, SQL, data warehousing, slowing changing dimensions, ETL

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San Francisco, CA


SAS Data Integration Studio, Base SAS

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