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Behind the Scenes: Using Custom Graphics in SAS

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Behind the Scenes with SAS®: Using Customer Graphics in SAS® Output


SAS® provides many opportunities to add customized images to SAS ODS output. This presentation will demonstrate various ways to add custom backgrounds to tabular and graphic output; add custom images to titles, footnotes, ODS text fields and tabular output; and add custom "fills" to SAS/GRAPH maps and graphs. Some possible uses of custom images include a company logo embedded in SAS output, graphic displays of positive or negative outcomes, and watermarks containing "draft" or "confidential". The SAS code to accomplish all these potential uses, and more, will be shown.

This is the page for the SAS Global Forum 2013 and NESUG 2012/2013 paper / presentation / poster.

Online Materials

Published paper: Media:212-2013.pdf

Powerpoint presentation: Media:212-2013.ppt

Proceedings poster: Media:212P_2013.pdf

Paper poster: Large Panel: Media:212_2013_bigpanel.pdf

Paper poster: Small Panel: Media:212_2013_sidepanel.pdf

Zip file with sample of embedding sparklines:

Note: Sparkline sample code is AS IS.

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