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== Introduction ==
== Introduction ==
: ''by Kirk Paul Lafler and Charlie Shipp''
: ''by Kirk Paul Lafler and Charlie Shipp''

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by Kirk Paul Lafler and Charlie Shipp

Many vendors, including SAS Institute, Inc., provide certification testing. Taken in a controlled environment, professionals can become certified in a number of areas in business and technology. Certification exams are intended to gauge your skill and knowledge in a variety of areas of some business or technical area. Candidates who have earned a certification can often go on to earn a specialty certification.


More than 100,000 people have become SAS certified worldwide.[1] These users have used and generated resources and advice for studying for these exams. See the following:

Papers on this wiki:

Tips and Tricks

As this page suggests, be careful of tricky questions that may involve simple differences like extra or missing characters (like semicolons). Know what the symbols mean.

Review the concepts in your specific exam's study aid. This link goes to the Base exam study aid; links in the left navigation panel go to other exams.

Practice, practice, practice! And don't be afraid to ask questions.