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Copy and Paste Almost Anything

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Every day, data appear on computer screens in various formats. The data might be in the form of Excel spreadsheets, wiki pages, html, pdf, Word documents or medium that is available to display data forms and tables. And, quite often, the files or pages include more than just the data of interest, as there might also be text, pictures, and additional data tables. But, with any of those formats, one can typically highlight and copy just the data they desire to their computer's clipboard. However, since there currently isn't a PROC IMPORT dbms=clipbrd option, how can one paste such data into a SAS® dataset? The present paper provides code that we believe can be used to accomplish most such tasks and, at the same time, provides examples of features that we think should be available in PROC IMPORT for all dbms options.

Online Materials

Click here to view the paper

Click here to download the SAS code described in this paper

Powerpoint Presentation

To view the presentation, click on the menu's far left item, then PgDn through the presentation. Note: this is a PDF version of the powerpoint so, if you want to see a larger version, right click on it, save it, and then open the file with the free Adobe Reader.

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