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Copying data structure

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Q: How do I copy the data structure of a previous data set without reading any rows?

A: You have to know the difference between compile and execute statements. The if zero statement is not executed, but it is compiled, which reads the data structure and fills the PDV (Program Data Vector) with the named data set. No values are initialized and no rows output.

Note: Using this trick will keep you from having to use the force option in Proc Append.

DATA Work.Previous;
attrib VarA length = 4;
DATA Work.ProcThisStuff;
if 0 then set Work.Prev;*copy data structure;
attrib LocalProcVar1 ...;

see also:

Proc SQL; create table Work.Current
                 like  Work.Previous;


--macro maven == the radical programmer 16:19, 27 October 2008 (EDT)