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Creating Display Manager Abbreviations and Keyboard Macros for the Enhanced Editor

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The boss wants all of your SAS® programs to have a header section of comments. She wants this section to be uniform across all of your programs, she wants it to have lots of stuff in it, and you don't like to type. How can you automatically insert uniform blocks of text into your program with a minimum of typing and without using the paste buffer? The answer lies in the use of Abbreviations and Keyboard Macros. Abbreviations allow you to associate any amount of text with a designated word or set of keystrokes. Type in the designated word, press the tab key and the desired text is substituted into your program. In the example shown below, you will see how typing the word 'HEADER' inserts a series of comment statements that become the standard header block for a program.

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View the pdf for this paper.
Learn more about keyboard macros and Abbreviations in this article which also contains links to a number of uploaded KMF files.

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