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D-Wise Technologies, Inc.

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About d-Wise

d-Wise brings custom business applications and SAS® integration solutions to your data-driven enterprise. We approach each project with two goals in mind: bringing you the benefits of the most innovative web technologies and leveraging the power of SAS Business Intelligence to better understand your corporate data. In this way we can improve your organization’s decision support systems and give you a competitive advantage.

Our team is flexible and responsive to your organization’s information technology needs. Whether you choose to outsource your entire project, or bring in one of our experts as a team lead, we can help. Our staff experience as former SAS developers gives us an insider perspective that translates into superior value for our clients.

John Leveille

Project Experience

d-Wise Engagement Summary - Non-disclosure, Top Ten Pharma

Designed and developed enterprise toxicology data warehouse comprised of data from multiple collection systems including Xybion, Cerner, ADP, spreadsheet data, and standard SAS tables. SAS ETL and Informatica technologies were employed in the warehouse build process. Implemented Java-based reporting solution to surface warehouse data using DocBook and Arbortext for PDF report output.

d-Wise Engagement Summary - Non-disclosure, Top Ten Pharma

Designed and developed custom integration software for delivering data from the customer’s internal Clinical Data Management System into an ASP (hosted) SAS Drug Development server. This design included an extraction of data from the customer database on the customer intranet, a conversion of data to CDISC SDTM standard format (a standard for clinical data interchange), and a web service, extranet delivery mechanism to deposit the data into the SAS Drug Development server at the remote data center location. The project automated both the flow of data between systems over the public Internet and the conversion of data to the preferred structure for clinical data analysis workflow within the SAS Drug Development environment.

d-Wise Engagement Summary - Non-disclosure, Medical Device Manufacturer

Designed and developed a web-based quality control reporting application for laboratory blood cell measurement devices. Gathered requirements from customer including the need to support 5000 machines in the field at over 3000 laboratory sites. Successfully designed, developed, and deployed a highly-scalable web application for collecting machine test kit measurement data from each laboratory site. This application collects data each month and generates individual peer-group analysis reports for each machine, comparing the machine to the group as a whole. The project team is currently deploying the second version of this application

d-Wise Engagement Summary - Non-disclosure, International Pharma

Teamed with SAS and its customer for deployment of the SAS Drug Development solution. Designed folder structure for storing clinical data and artifacts; developed standard clinical reports and SAS code base for reporting. Extracted data from clinical data warehouse to build reporting data marts, construct SAS OLAP cubes, and load into the SAS Business Intelligence Platform.

d-Wise Engagement Summary - Non-disclosure, Pennsylvania Health Insurance Provider

Designed and developed web-based report automation solution. Customer requirement for this project was to provide their customers (benefits administrators at client companies) a web-based, automated claims reporting system. Java web technology was utilized to construct the customer user interface and application business logic. SAS software was used to extract data from a Teradata warehouse and produce reports in HTML, PDF, and Excel formats. Report delivery was accomplished through an extranet portal.