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== !!! Note: Starting with 2019, the download content and the updates for this book are only maintained at [] !!! ==
== !!! Emails and comments can still be sent to Gerhard using this [ Email Address]. !!! ==
[[image:BAWS Cover V4.JPG|200px]]
[[image:BAWS Cover V4.JPG|200px]]

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!!! Note: Starting with 2019, the download content and the updates for this book are only maintained at !!!

!!! Emails and comments can still be sent to Gerhard using this Email Address. !!!

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BAWS Cover V4.JPG DSCS f2p4.jpg DSCS f6p1.jpg DSCS f14p5.jpg DSCS f28p1.jpg

This is the DOWNLOAD page of the new SAS Press book Applying Data Science - Business Case Studies Using SAS of Gerhard Svolba. Other books of the Author: Data Preparation for Analytics and Data Quality for Analytics


Site is currently populated with content on a very frequent basis. Please check back for more details and content! In case of questions contact the author.

  • The files in chapter 6, 7, and 8 are directly created by the SAS Code. However: in the current version, the path where they are written to by the SAS code is hardcoded: it is 'c:\tmp'. --> So please amend this path to an appropriate path for your machine or create a c:\tmp directory on your machine. I will update and change this soon!
  • I am working on a download version of the SAS programs for the SAS University Edition that accounts for the fact that some procedures are not available there. Hope to have this available mid of June. Please contact me, if you need this more urgently.
  • I also am working on a version that can direclty be opened in SAS Studio as a process flow. Should be available mid of June.

Quick Link: Download Everything in one Go

Use the following GITHUB Link to download a ZIP File that contains

  • SAS Programs
  • SAS Macros
  • SAS Datasets (in Windows SAS7BDAT Format and in extractable format as a SAS Programm)
  • SAS Enterprise Guide Project that contains all this content and the Results
  • Selected Graphs of the Book in Color

Individual Downloads

The download site has changed to GITHUB.

Selected Graphs of the Book in Color as Visuals

Case Study 1 – Performing Headcount Survival Analysis for Employee Retention

This case study uses employee retention data to illustrate how analytical methods allow you to draw conclusions about the average length of time intervals, even if most of the endpoints have not yet been observed.

DSCS f1p4.jpg DSCS f2p1.jpg DSCS f2p2.jpg DSCS f2p3.jpg DSCS f2p4.jpg DSCS f2p5.jpg DSCS f2p6.jpg DSCS f2p7.jpg DSCS f2p8.jpg DSCS f2p9.jpg DSCS f3p2.jpg DSCS f4p4.png DSCS f4p7.jpg

Case Study 2 – Detecting Structural Changes and Outliers in Longitudinal Data

DSCS f5p2.jpg DSCS f5p3.jpg DSCS f6p1.jpg DSCS f6p4.jpg DSCS f6p5.jpg DSCS f6p7.jpg DSCS f6p9.jpg DSCS f8p2.jpg DSCS f8p3.jpg DSCS f8p4.jpg DSCS f9p2.jpg DSCS f9p4.jpg DSCS f9p5.jpg DSCS f9p6.jpg

Case Study 3 – Explaining Forecast Errors and Deviations

DSCS f10p10.jpg DSCS f10p11.jpg DSCS f14p3.jpg DSCS f14p4.jpg DSCS f14p5.jpg

Case Study 4 – Forecasting the Demand for New Products

DSCS f16p1.jpg DSCS f17p1.jpg

Case Study 5 – Checking the Alignment with Predefined Pattern

DSCS f20p10.jpg DSCS f20p11.jpg

Case Study 6 - Listening to Your Data – Discover Relationships with Unsupervised Analysis Methods

DSCS f21p6.jpg DSCS f21p7.jpg DSCS f21p8.jpg

Case Study 8 – Studying Complex Systems – Simulating the Monopoly® Board Game

DSCS f27p1.png DSCS f27p2.png DSCS f27p3.png DSCS f27p4.png DSCS f27p5.png DSCS f27p6.jpg DSCS f28p1.jpg DSCS o28p1.jpg DSCS o28p2.jpg

Changes and Enhancements

  • page xxvii - Adaption to the Content of the Data Sets: Dataset name in chapter 6 is PATIENTS (not PATIENTS_XT and PATIENTS_MART_TMP)
  • Page 81 and 82 - section 5.5.4 and 5.5.5: in the SAS Code for the CENTERED SMOOTHING WINDOW the moving weights for the first and last period are incorrect. Should be (CMOVAVE (0.0417 0.0833 0.0833 … 0.0833 0.0417)) instead of (CMOVAVE (0.0467 0.0833 0.0833 … 0.0833 0.0467))