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Drawkcab Gnimmargorp: Test-Driven Development with FUTS

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Jeff Wright

ThotWave Technologies LLC

Cary, NC


One of the practices of Extreme Programming is Test-Driven Development (TDD), also known as Test-First Design. This style of development emphasizes an approach that is backwards to many programmers: writing tests before working code. Interestingly, this approach has found application in both agile methodologies and validation-intensive programming environments. TDD involves creating automated and repeatable unit tests, typically using a testing framework such as JUnit for Java and NUnit for Microsoft .NET languages. This paper will describe FUTS, a Framework for Unit Testing SAS® programs in the spirit of JUnit and similar tools. Unit testing with FUTS is described, and an example of TDD in SAS is presented. In addition, pragmatic advice is given for dealing with challenges that commonly occur with automated testing.

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