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I edited Help:Contents to include all of the links now in the "Getting Started" section of the universal nav. Next step is to get rid of the "Getting Started" section of the universal nav and instead put a simple Help link, pointing to Help:Contents, near the top of the main menu.--Howles 10:53, 4 September 2008 (EDT)

How do I store a screen capture image on and include it in the text of an article? This page explains how to point to an external image, but I want an image stored here. --JackHamilton 18:32, 22 March 2009 (UTC)

if an example works, look at User:Statprof. just upload the image and provide a link to it just as you would for any website. --Statprof 03:14, 23 March 2009 (UTC)

Where do I ask questions about wiki best practice?

I have questions I want to ask about the best way to contribute to the sasCommunity:Wiki that are not answered by reading Help:Contents.

What would you think would be on such a page-a SAS FAQ or a FAQ about the site? --Phil Miller (STATPROF) (talk) 07:51, 24 May 2014 (CDT)
Mostly that is currently hosted on a closed wiki which is used by the SasCommunity.org_Advisory_Board. We are developing plans to move more of that to this wiki to have things more transparent. --Phil Miller (STATPROF) (talk) 07:51, 24 May 2014 (CDT)

Or does everybody just do their own thing and make up the rules as they go along? If so, where is the sasCommunity:Documentation, or sasCommunity:consensus, of best, good, or agreed practice? - Cameron 00:48, 7 April 2013 (EDT)

MediaWiki now has Public Domain Help pages

The MediaWiki website now has Public Domain Help pages. Would it be a good idea if those pages were copied to the Help namespace on - Cameron (talk) 20:01, 22 May 2014 (CDT)

Are you suggesting we copy instead of link to the Contents page there. Want to make sure I understand your suggestion. --Don Henderson (talk) 14:19, 23 May 2014 (CDT)
Yes. Since the MediaWiki help pages have a Public Domain copyright, we could copy the entire set of pages. However, I would suggest not going quite that far. Rather the most relevant page titles were copied. Each page would have a link back to the corresponding MediaWiki page, but the content of the page could be adapted to provide the essential help information, perhaps with some specific information, where relevant.
I think it is a bad look to send help page readers directly to the MediaWiki help pages as it suggests we do not want to help them. We risk losing them to a Wikimedia project, or they might read something there that is not relevant to The help pages would be first line help, possibly customised to, with further more detailed help being a link to the MediaWiki help pages. - Cameron (talk) 22:44, 23 May 2014 (CDT)
seems like a reasonable suggestion to me. We just need a volunteer to do the work! --Phil Miller (STATPROF) (talk) 07:44, 24 May 2014 (CDT)