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Invitation: SAS-L/ Discussion Forums' Meetup at SAS Global Forum 2011 in Las Vegas

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The annual SAS-L meetup (formerly BOF) at SAS Global Forum (formerly SUGI) will expand this year to include and SAS Discussion Forum participants and topics. The agenda will include the presentation of statistics on listserv and web site activity, a discussion on how various SAS-related discussion and networking facilities can best work together and, of course, the always-exciting presentation of the SAS-L awards.

       Title:     SAS-L + Meetup
       Date:      Wednesday, April 6
       Time:      6 - 8 p.m.
       Location:  Milano I

Note that this year we will not overlap with the SAS Mixer, so there's even less reason not to attend!  ;-)

More information about the history of the BOF can be found at

Hope to see many of you there!

The meetup planning crew: Jack Hamilton, Don Henderson, Larry Hoyle, Joseph Kelley, Mike Rhoads, Dianne Rhodes, Howard Schreier, Arthur Tabachneck and Bill Viergever