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MXI Plugin

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MXI Plugin™ is software solution for:SAS Plugin for MS Office, SAS MS Office Plugin, SAS Plugin for Excel, SAS Plugin for MS Word, SAS Excel, SAS MS Word, SAS Macro Interfeace for MS Office. 16. CDISC Reports CDISC Reports is software solution for: Optimize Report Generation from CDISC Standards, Generate Reports from CDISC Data, SDTM Reports, ADaM Reports, Standard SAS Reports, SAS Program Library, SAS Macro Library.

Some features:

  1. Deliver SAS Reports and Data to Excel Users
  2. User Friendly Office Interface for Parameter Selection without Programming
  3. Capture Real Time Data from SAS Directly from Excel or Word
  4. Does not Require SAS on Client or other SAS Modules on Server

For more information, please visit