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Macro Do Loop Continue or Leave

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This example shows data step and macro examples of the loop exit verbs:

  • continue: skip to 'end;' statement, where iteration happens
  • leave: exit loop
DATA _Null_;
do I = 1 to 3;
   put I= 'pre-test';
   if  I le 2 then continue;
   put I= 'post test';
put 'done continue: ' I= ;
do J = 1 to 3;
   put J= 'pre-test';
   if  J gt 2 then leave;
   put J= 'post test';
put 'done leave: ' J= ;
stop; run;
%Macro Do_Tests(i=,j=);
%do I = 1 %to 3;
   %put I=&I. pre-test;
   %if  &I le 2 %then %goto continue;
   %put I=&I. post test;
%put done continue: I=&I. ;
%do J = 1 %to 3;
   %put J=&J. pre-test;
   %if  &J. gt 2 %then %goto leave;
   %put J=&J. post test;
%put done leave: J=&J. ;


--macro maven == the radical programmer 14:39, 13 October 2009 (UTC)