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MIGRATION COMPLETE: The site is now live in the new environment.

Welcome to at our new home! The site is now open for you to contribute and edit. The Advisory Board and volunteer Webmasters know that a few things slipped thru the cracks so please email us if you see any problems or errors.

We are excited about some of the new things you will see here:

  • the latest release of MediaWiki, including a new editor.
  • the Papers and Presentations link in the left nav - a place for User Group authors and presenters to create a listing of any/all of their presentations.
  • the redesigned Planet SAS user blog aggregator in the left nav (Blogs).
  • and more.

We did have to remove the feature/extension that provided the user board and alternate user pages as that extension was highly customized and thus preventing us from keeping up to date with the latest release of MediaWiki.

Once we (the Advisory Board and the Webmasters) have a chance to catch our breath, we will provide more details about whats new. Read More.

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A collaborative online community for SAS® users worldwide. is an ongoing global community effort—created by SAS users for SAS users. This site is a place to find answers, share technical knowledge, collaborate on ideas and connect with others in the worldwide SAS Community. Get started now by creating a UserID.

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When specifying the CONTROL statement (for systematic or sequential selection methods), Proc SurveySelect sorts the input data set by the CONTROL variables within strata before selecting the sample. Using the OUTSORT= option prevents the sorted data set from replacing the input data set.

Submitted by Alberto Negron. Contact me at my Discussion Page.

Feel free to comment on this tip.

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What's New Update: Good News for Members!
sasCommunity Update
Changes coming soon. . .
As expands it has become apparent to the community's governing body, the Community Advisory Board, that in order for us to help the site grow we need to change site hosts. This change will allow us to implement some of the more recent advances in wiki technology.

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