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New Features

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You Talked . . .We listened

Thanks to all who gave us great suggestions and feedback at SAS Global Forum 2009 and 2010. Be sure to visit our booth at SAS Global Forum 2011 in Vegas!

New for 2011

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New Point System
The sasCommunity support team has been hard at work adding new features and is pleased to announce a points system that recognizes each user's contributions to the site. Every time you contribute by creating a page, updating it, or just doing a little wiki gardening, you earn points.

Earning points is automatic and simple - all you have to do is contribute! Creating your account starts you with 1000 points and all the current users have been credited with points dating back to the site coming online in April 2007. See the User Levels and Points Help Page to learn more.

Your user page now shows your points and status. And we have a special page that lists the Top 50 contributors.

New for 2010

Features implemented immediated after SAS Global Forum 2009

New Features since November 2009:

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Learn about even more features of on the Getting Involved page.