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OctoPerf – JMeter on Steroids

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OctoPerf – JMeter on Steroids

JMeter: One of the Best Choices for Performance Testing

I think we can all agree that JMeter is one of the best performance testing tools on the market. It's been around for almost 19 years now, so it's been battle tested and has adapted to all the different testing trends in the industry. Many companies–both large and small–use JMeter.

This is a good thing, because when choosing a tool it's always important to select one that is regularly updated and has an active community. Luckily, JMeter does have very active contributors, so it's kept up to date by the community.

JMeter is Not Perfect

JMeter is cool, but one thing that has always bothered me about it is that when you're first starting out with JMeter, it can be pretty tough going since it's not the most intuitive testing tool.

One reason for this is that JMeter has been around for years and has had lots of functionality built into it by many different folks. Having lots of features is a plus, but it also can be a negative since it's easy to get confused or lost with the many possibilities you have available to you.

The dilemma you face is that it has an extensive amount of functionality on one hand and on the other, the complexity of the user interface makes it less than user-friendly for someone who's just getting started.

So for newcomers and beginners, it can be difficult to keep up the pace and not get confused by all its features.

If you're like me, you probably like to have a level of simplicity when dealing with a GUI-driven tool. That's where OctoPerf comes in.

Introducing OctoPerf

OctoPerf is a SAS tool based on JMeter, and their business model is freemium.

OctoPerf's main focus is to make the JMeter Training user experience an awesome one. To that end, they've spent a lot of time building the best possible web UI for JMeter.

In Guillame's PerfGuild session, you'll actually see the OctoPerf UI in action and see how simple it makes getting started with JMeter.

Also, since it's a freemium product, you can use their interface as much as you like and won't be charged unless and until you need to test with more than 50 concurrent users.

You can also import your existing JMeter scripts and benefit from all their features while doing so.

Furthermore, since it's a Saas solution, you can get everything up and running in your browser and have nothing to install—which means you can focus on getting started with your testing right away.

JMeter Collaboration Across Your Team

Setting up a project in OctoPerf also allows you to take advantage of their collaborative features—which means you can easily share your work with as many colleagues as you want.

It's possible, for instance, to give reader rights to any third party, or to authorize a specific team member to work on the product review.

Recording a Script in OctoPerf

Recording a test script directly in JMeter requires quite a few steps; there is an eight-page PDF on the Apache JMeter website that outlines this.

So if you're new to JMeter, there are a ton of steps you need to remember to even get started recording simple tests—which means that unless you're very familiar with the process, it's easy to forget something.

OctoPerf makes this as easy as possible. For instance, you can record directly through the tools of your browser and you're off and running. Read more