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Option Rtrace

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Option Rtrace

  • Description

This option saves a log of files read during a session. It can be read to get a list of products used.

This option is the boolean of the pair that controls rtrace log usage

  1. option rtrace, values in (all,none)
  2. option rtraceloc, file specification
  • Usage in a configuration file
-rtrace    all
-rtraceloc 'rtrace-default.log'
  • Reset in either autoexec or initstmt
options RtraceLoc = "&SysProcessId.-&SysJobId.-&SysUserId..log";

See also:

  1. autoexec
  2. Option InitStmt
  3. PassInfx
  • References

v6.12 CopySAS macro

sug29.215: Measuring SAS Software Usage on Shared Servers with the the RTRACE Facility, Michael A. Raithel

--macro maven == the radical programmer 09:42, 14 August 2007 (EDT)