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Ottawa Area SAS Users Society (OASUS)

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OASUS Logo.jpg Wednesday June 12, 2013

Tentative Agenda

08:30 Registration and Breakfast
09:00 Welcome & Introduction - John Ladds, Technical Consultant, Statistics Canada
09:10 SAS News-Matt Malczewski, Communities Manager, SAS Canada
09:15 SAS OPUS – Joel Orr, Statistics Canada
09:20 Techniques to invoke Web Services from SAS - Greg Ludwinski, Statistics Canada
After introducing basic web service concepts, this presentation will focus on how available web services can be integrated into SAS programs. One approach is to use Proc Soap to invoke a web service using SOAP over HTTP and then load the results into SAS dataset(s) using an XML Map. But did you know that custom Java solutions can be integrated into your SAS programs that leverage rich web service frameworks to call a web service?
09:50 Q & A Session - Yves DeGuire, Statistics Canada
Answers to your questions from the previous meeting will be presented. Including the following topics: Organizing and managing an EG project; Migrating to SAS 9.3; Exporting to Excel; and The PROC DOCUMENT procedure.
10:20 Break, Networking & Job Exchange Table
10:40 Scraping the Web with SAS - Tom Kari, Tom Kari Consulting
SAS now includes a number of tools for using data from the Internet and the World Wide Web. This presentation will show how the URL access option of the FILENAME statement, in conjunction with tools like the Perl Regular Expression functions and the Web Tools functions, can be used to retrieve web pages, to decipher the contents, and to structure the resulting data for analysis use.
11:10 Start Writing Your SAS Global Forum Paper Now - Peter Timusk, Statistics Canada
This talk will present how an author approached the task of writing a SAS Global Forum paper starting almost a year before the paper was presented. The scope of the paper and degree of difficulty of the topic will also be discussed and compared to an assessment of some papers presented at SAS Global Forum 2012. This assessment of papers presented in the past allowed the author to write a straight forward paper that in the end was accepted for SAS Global Forum 2013.
11:25 Workshop Announcement: Visual Analytics 6.1 (Yes You Can!)
SAS Institute Ottawa, Friday June 14, 2013, 9:00-10:00am
a. Exploration and Visualization
b. Modeling data, Dashboarding, Mobile & Consumer view
c. How VA works with your existing SAS environment
11:35 Closing Remarks & Door Prizes
11:45 Lunch (on your own)
01:00 SAS OPUS - SAS Ottawa Platform Users Society[1] meeting.

Location: National Art Centre

Tentative dates for future OASUS meetings at the NAC

Wednesday November 20, 2013
Thursday June 12, 2014
Thursday November 20, 2014

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--OASUS President 08:57, 18 March 2013 (EDT)