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== Online materials ==
== Online materials ==
* [[File:SAS® Macro Programming Tips and Techniques.pdf]]
* [[Media:SAS® Macro Programming Tips and Techniques.pdf|Download the .pdf of this paper]]
* [ SESUG 2008 version]
* [ SESUG 2008 version]

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Kirk Paul Lafler

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Spring Valley, California


The SAS® Macro Language is a powerful tool for extending the capabilities of the SAS System. This hands-on workshop presents numerous tips and tricks related to the construction of effective macros through the demonstration of a collection of proven Macro Language coding techniques. Attendees learn how to process statements containing macros; replace text strings with macro variables; generate SAS code using macros; manipulate macro variable values with macro functions; handle global and local variables; construct arithmetic and logical expressions; interface the macro language with the DATA step and SQL procedure; store and reuse macros; troubleshoot and debug macros; and develop efficient and portable macro language code.

Online materials