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SAS Global Forum 2012 SAS-L and Meetup

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Notes from the 'Meet-up' of SAS-L and

SAS-L meets up with ... {[(Meetup Agenda)]}

  • Call to order
  • SAS-L statistics
  • presentation
  • SAS Discussion Forums presentation
  • (England) presentation
  • SAS Canada presentation
  • Community presentation
  • State of SAS-L
  • Possibilities for synergy?
  • SAS-L Awards
  • Introduction / Other

Welcome, Introductions, Agenda presented by Mike Rhoads We will cover (1) Discussion; (2) Professional; (3) Community.
I.e., Discussion between SAS users (Q/A); Professional connections; and structure for a Community of information and mutual support.

SAS-L statistics [(with humor and fun)] 26th year for SAS-L see the presentation for statistics, such as 380,000 posts from 5,000 people addresses (approx.).

Enhanced tools like twitter, etc, have not been used, ...and proud of it.

First post was a survey 25 years ago, November 1986. Most posts for 1987 was Nelson Pardee 60 and now 2010 Art Tabachneck 1,080. David Cassell hit a high with 2,526 in 2006. Other notables included Ian Whitlock, Paul Dorfman, Peter Crawford, Ron Fehd, Howard Schreier, Toby Dunn, and many others.

More details are online, listed below.

“Friday Humor”, “List of retired SAS procedures” and “Chance to Make SAS-L History” are among the most popular topics.

QUESTION: How popular are the archived SAS-L posts?

Announcement: ‘Community’ is a popular topic. Regionals such as WUSS (Western Regional, in Long Beach CA) can use some SAS-L papers.

Pete Lund won the 2012 SAS customer feedback award and is a SAS-L participant. Phil Miller and Sally Muller also won the SAS customer feedback award.

State of SAS-L at University of Georgia presented by Joe Kelley Support for SAS-L has an RSS feed that should be automated, among other things. Joe Kelley recently joined the University of Georgia systems group and intends not to run all of the List Serve names personally, [but will see it be successful.] Joe addressed the Ron Fehd subject of avoiding problems by not allowing attachments. Joe Kelley reports that SAS-L has been a private list for a decade such that you need to subscribe to participate.

Chris Battiston is live-blogging to send to SAS Global Forum: “year in review” presented by Don Henderson It is WikiPedia for SAS Users, and by users.

Don showed the main page, including Tip-of-the-Day. (We always need more good tips.) There have been MediaWiki upgrades, and add-ons. ‘Watch-a-page’ is a neat feature that more users should use.

6,000 users; 3,000 pages with content; 1,788 uploaded files 4.44 edits per page; 4,000,000 views. Tip of the day is reviewed to improve. Feel free to correct and update the article pages.

Top 50 contributors were shown, starting with ‘Gurus’ followed by rookies.

Rich LaValley led a team to scan, OCR and add all papers from SUGI, SGF, and Regionals, more adding. They are available on <applause>

SAS Discussion Forum 2011 presented by Art Carpenter 22,000 posts in 4,700 threads, by 12,800 users. Graphics included line charts, pie charts and horizontal histograms. were used to show segments of growth. Top ten with points: Cynthia Zender and Art Tabachneck in 2011.

Some people are participating in both Forum and SAS-L. Procedures; Macro, Datastep & Language; ODS and base reporting; Enterprise Guide’ JMP; Statistical Procs; etc.

Views are about the same, with Web reporting just under JMP. One most-viewed thread is “How to” using Enterprise Guide.

QUESTION: Did something change in the software to reflect back the notes sent?
ANS: We are in the 3rd version of software supporting Forums. Renee Harper is in the audience, in charge of Forums. With questions or requests, send also background information.

QUESTION: Compare and contrast the three community sites?
ANS: Art Carpenter gave some history: they are both good at getting answers, but easier to track a thread and track answers on Forum. New users are more likely to use the interface of Forums. The Wiki would be more prone to contain the summary end result of discussion.

Good volunteers could search the threads for best information to create articles of which is our direction.

SAS Professionals online Group in England, presented by Philip Male, England Marketing Dpt {Video, including the Beatles} Social Network “” started in 2008. In 2012 there are 6,700 professionals. The website included features such as discussion groups, newsletters and webinars.

SAS Canada Community, presented by Matt Malczewski Started a decade ago, with 3,000 users each year. Meetings are twice a year and so the online community is valuable. [baby picture] with room for growth. Stats shown. Matt Malczewski is #1, Chris Battiston #2, and Art Tabachneck is #3. Keep the fun happening.

Annual SAS-L Awards (including SAS-L Hall of Fame) Members of SAS-L voted, starting with Ian Whitlock in 2000. John King is “data_null_” with Art Tabachneck and Paul Hamilton for 2011.

Rookie of the Year: is Rick Wicklin from SAS. (Acceptance comment: “Heartwarming, . . . Thank You.” Most Valuable SAS-Ler.

New separate award: Nomination Commenter of the Year: Art Tabachneck

Nat Wooding! Wins the Most Valuable SAS-Ler, 2012. [Thanks, photo-op]

“The Hat” looks like Harry Potter sorting hat, tall and black. $50 which was won by Lionel Teed, plus contributions totaling $111 for SGF children’s book drive.

Look for Ron Fehd macro on sasCommunity called AutoMagic.

Send insights to Art Tabachneck will send Chris Battiston the link to the SAS-L stats and fabulous visual social media, so to speak, including the statistical (or not) graphics. Charlie Shipp or Don Henderson could create a page which might be edited by the best.

Read more notes, by Waynette Tubbs of SAS Institute at

Also CF: SAS Global Forum
CF: SAS Global Forum Proceedings
CF: SAS-L BOF including awards and awesome photos.