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The Advisory Board is

The sasCommunity Advisory Board created the site in 2007 as a collaborative online community for SAS Users worldwide. A SAS support resource is also assigned to assist board members in implementing and expediting changes to the site. was created by SAS users for SAS users. Read more about the history of

Responsibilities of the Advisory Board

  • Sets the direction for
  • Identifies and actively participates in development and implementation of enhancements that will improve the site
  • Acts as a key online reference for the SAS User Community worldwide
  • Writes Main page articles and announcements
  • Implements new features and projects
  • Edits content and "Gardens" the site where needed Advisory Board Membership

The current members of the the Advisory Board are:

from the SAS Global Users Group Executive Board

from the User Community

Other Talent and Resources

A number of people, from both the User Community and SAS Institute, provide support (but are not members of the Advisory Board), this includes: