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2009 SAS Global Forum Panel Discussion on

A Panel Discussion on will be held at SAS Global Forum 2009. The panel will be held from 5:00-6:00 on Monday, March 23.

Please post your questions/topics/concerns by editing the Questions From the Floor section below.


  • is sponsored by the Executive Board of the SAS Global Users Group.
    • wiki collaborative environment
  • is goverened by the Community Advisory Board
    • operating under the aspecies of the Executive Board of the SAS Global Users Group
    • made up of members of the EB, user community, and SAS support staff
  • sasCommunity is hosted on hardware supplied by SAS Institute Inc
  • Available for all in the SAS community
    • free to use
    • anyone, including SAS employees, are encouraged to create, edit, and contribute to
  • Introduction of the Panelists

Panel Participants

Each participant should have a minute or two to introduce themselves and state why they are on the CAB and what their goals are for sasCommunity.

  • Art Carpenter has been using SAS® since 1976 and has served in various leadership positions in local, regional, national, and international user groups. He is a SAS Certified Advanced Programmer and through California Occidental Consultants he teaches SAS courses and provides contract SAS programming support nationwide.
  • Kirk Paul Lafler is consultant and founder of Software Intelligence Corporation and has been programming in SAS since 1979. Kirk provides IT consulting services and training to SAS users around the world and is the author of four books including PROC SQL: Beyond the Basics Using SAS (SAS Institute. 2004). He has written more than three hundred peer-reviewed papers and articles that have appeared in professional journals and SAS User Group proceedings and has been an Invited speaker and trainer at more than three hundred SAS International, regional, local, and special-interest user group conferences and meetings throughout North America.
  • Phil Miller is a long time SAS User (going back to pre SAS 72 days) who is a Professor of Biostatistics at Washington University [1]. The Division supports a number of NIH supported data coordinating centers. SAS is heavily used in data management, including using SAS/IntrNet to support distributed data entry [2]. He was the first recipient of the SAS User Feedback Award given each year at SUGI and has attended all of the SUGI and SGF annual conferences.
  • Howard Schreier is an independent consultant based in Arlington, Virginia. He has used SAS software since 1981 and has presented papers at numerous NESUG, SESUG, and SUGI conferences. He has made more than 7,500 postings to SAS-L starting in 1989, and in 2004 he entered the SAS-L Hall of Fame.
  • Charlie Shipp was the first SAS programmer, Help-Support, and SAS trainer at Northrop Corporation. He attended his first SAS annual conference in 1980 when SAS/Graph was introduced. Leaving Northrop, he was trained as a SAS consultant by Kirk Paul Lafler and was the minor author for Art Carpenter’s first record-breaking book. He founded the Northrop SAS Users Groups, the Southern California Users Group (later run by Kirk Paul Lafler) and was the leader of the international JMP Users Group for many years. As a presenter and instructor, his areas of interest include JMP, User Group leadership, Consulting, and of course, sasCommunity.

Discussion Topics

(topics to be introduced by panel members)

  • Goals of the Site
    • mission statement
  • Brief history of the site
    • motivation for its creation
    • who and when
      • Lainie Hoverstad added to the SAS support team
  • Upcoming features
    • what we are currently working on
      • tip of the day
      • SAS glossaries (will be main page article during SGF, demo in Pubs booth
      • Inclusion of User Group papers (PDF), updates, slides, and code
  • Future directions
    • sasCommunity wish list
      • We need your input
    • New version of MediaWiki (1.14)
    • Wiki extensions
      • RSS Feeds
      • Widgets to LinkedIn, YouTube, Plaxo
    • New blogging software?
    • What to do about forums
  • User feedback and suggestions from the audience
    • how can we increase user participation?
    • What would you like to see added to your sasCommunity?

Questions From the Floor

Please update this section with questions and topics for the Panelists to consider in advance of SAS Global Forum. Note that the panelists will be priming the pump with some sample questions.

Prior Year Panel Discussions

The links below provide access to panel discussions at prior year conferences.