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*[[Solutions in the Round -- Professional Development: Interviewing Tips and Techniques|Solutions in the Round -- Professional Development; Interviewing Techniques and Tips]]
*[[Solutions in the Round -- Professional Development: Interviewing Tips and Techniques|Solutions in the Round -- Professional Development; Interviewing Techniques and Tips]]
==2017 Topics==
*[[Solutions in the Round -- Playing Well With Others (RDBMS) Utilizing SAS/ACCESS Interfaces]]
*[[Solutions in the Round -- Painting the Picture: Data Visualization Techniques]]
*[[Solutions in the Round -- Making HASH of Arrays: Pros and Cons]]
*[[Solutions in the Round -- Big Data Efficiencies]]
*[[Solutions in the Round -- SAS Programming Interfaces - Comparing Display Manager, Enterprise Guide®, and SAS Studio®]]
*[[Solutions in the Round -- But I Regress--Model Building Techniques]]
*[[Solutions in the Round -- Using the SAS Macro Facility--What Do You %Include; ? (WUSS)]]
*[[Solutions in the Round -- Do You Believe In Magic? Turning Characters into Numbers and Back Again]]
*[[Solutions in the Round -- Does Anyone Really Know What Day It Is? Date Functions and Formats]]
*[[Solutions in the Round -- DATA = CLINICAL; (WUSS)]]
*[[Solutions in the Round -- Professional Development--Stay Calm and Ace That Interview]]
[[Category:Work in Progress]]
[[Category:Work in Progress]]

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We are planning Solutions in the Round at WUSS 2016 and we need your help! Please use the section below to suggest or comment on topics.

Solutions in the Round (SITR) is a roundtable section that started at the 2014 WUSS Conference. The section comprises of several interactive discussions based on topics chosen by attendees. In each SITR session, a programming task is posed, and participants discuss the various potential solutions using SAS. Each section discusses not only the merits/advantages of each solution, but the disadvantages as well. At the conference the discussion can be live; otherwise the discussions can be captured here on, where everyone can continue to contribute.

But you do not need to wait for the conference to participate in the discussion. So this is where we need your help:

  • We are always looking for potential discussion topics.
    • We want to reach all different skill levels, and encourage everyone to participate in the discussions.
    • You can contribute to the list of questions that are looking for solutions.
  • Review the existing solutions
    • Add your experiences
      • what worked for you
      • what did not work for you
    • Add alternative solutions

Thanks for your contribution!

Current Topics & Topics Looking for Solutions

WUSS 2016 Discussions have started on these topics.

Topics looking for solutions - start a article if you have one or more potential solutions. Add a topic if you want to start a discussion.

  • Professional development: interviewing techniques
  • Recoding variables
  • Powerful SAS functions
  • Best Practices for SAS Enterprise Guide
  • Creating Microsoft Excel Output from SAS
  • Columns-to-Rows or Rows-to-Columns
  • Table Lookup Methods
  • Working with Microsoft Excel
  • PROC Import
  • Working with picture formats
  • Arrays
  • PROC Transpose

Assist SITR by facilitating a discussion

Are you attending this year's conference? If so, help facilitate or participate in a Solution in the Round session. Please comment here.


Solutions in the Round (SITR) is an exciting section introduced at WUSS 2014.

The format is simple:

  • We sit in a circle (hence the "Round" in the title) and discuss the many solutions to approach and address a programming problem.
  • We identify situations where one approach might be more useful than another.
  • We keep notes, and those notes are posted on where we can continue the discussion and allow others to join after the conference.
  • We hope to engage users from all different perspectives and experience levels to participate in these discussions.

Previous Years' Topics

2017 Topics