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Solutions in the Round -- Painting the Picture: Data Visualization Techniques

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From the WUSS abstract for this topic

A picture is worth a thousand words. This session will discuss some of various ways to "show" your data, including ODS, SG procs, Visual Analytics, and more. Solutions in the Round (SITR) is a roundtable format section where attendees discuss approaches and solutions to a programming problem or SAS topic. Users from different perspectives and all experience levels are encouraged to participate.

Discussion at WUSS


Pete Lund (PL), Looking Glass Analytics

- SAS since 1988

- classes, including PROC report, tablulate

Michelle Ensor (ME), SAS

- Instructor, programming / report writing

- 25 years

What is Data Visualization?

- PROC SQPLOT w/ODS (Output Delivery System)

 --  ODS improved (9.3+)

- PL: use PROC SGRENDER and templates instead of PROC SGPLOT and panels

 --  'type' control
 --  More control, use graphics designer %SGDESIGN
 --  export shell from %SGDESIGN

- ME: EG

 --  PROC TEMPLATE - start with Designer to frame out 
 --  SG 9.4 

SAS Visual Analytics 3-4 users

Q: Ecosystems what exists, where

- Reports, static

 -- Graph
 -- SG
 -- Output Delivery System (ODS)

- Business Intelligence (BI)

 --  Web Report Studio
   ---  drill-down
   ---  reach-thru

- Visual Analytics (VA)

 -- Exploration
 -- Ad-hoc
 -- dynamic
 -- large data volumes
 -- Q: end-users for VA?
   --- explorers
   --- report preparers
 -- VA can run on top of Hadoop

- PL: SAS/IntrNet in lieu of BI / VA

WUSS 2017 Class (Wed AM):

 -- Instructors:
   --- Kirk Lafler
   --- Josh Horstman 
 -- Dashboard on top of Base SAS
 -- using ODS

Q: Graphics for public consumption

 --  SAS to Excel
 --  then stick figures and pictographs
 --  ( see blogs below for possible SAS examples )

PL: For full control, use Data Step w/ODS

 -- gridded, and absolute output
 -- report writing interface (RWI)  {exp v7, prod v9.4}
 -- ODS layout
 -- doc avail from SAS
 -- look for papers 

Issue: report by "physician", 50K+ doctors

 -- can't use Excel to create that many files
 -- uses DDE 
 -- PL:  RWI gives you control 
 -- ME:  DDE is deprecated, older technology
   ---  DO as much as possible in SAS
   ---  ODSEXCEL - (older tagset = )
     ---- LOTS of options
     ---- Handles common formatting issues


Further Discussion -- Open to All

Please join the conversation! Also, if you were one of the live participants, please feel free to correct any mistakes or omissions from our original discussion.