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SouthEast SAS Users Group

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The SouthEast SAS Users Group (SESUG) is a Regional Users Group (RUG) for users of SAS Software. The primary purpose of our group is to host an annual conference in late summer or early fall in a southeastern city of the United States. This conference benefits both SAS users and managers interested in the use of SAS Software, and is a great opportunity for significant SAS training and networking with other SAS professionals.

SESUG is also dedicated to supporting the Local Users Groups (LUG). Visit the Speaker Sharing section of our web site for further information on how to have a SESUG-sponsored speaker present at your Local Users Group meeting.

SESUG represents SAS users in the southern states of:

Alabama Florida Georgia Kentucky Mississippi North Carolina Puerto Rico South Carolina Tennessee Virginia West Virginia District of Columbia (shared with NESUG) Maryland (shared with NESUG)

While SESUG is supported by SAS, it is a totally non-profit organization made up of SAS users. The organization is overseen by an Executive Council, which consists of past, current, and future SESUG conference chairs.

Please visit our web site