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Tips:%SASDIFF Differential File Comparison MacroTips:ABS FunctionTips:A free SAS getting-started guide
Tips:Access Local SAS Directories in SAS/Connect with the INHERITLIB OptionTips:Accessing Internet APIs from DS2Tips:Accessing multiple location through one library.
Tips:Accurately Calculate AUC in SASTips:Adding URL Links to a Web Report Studio ReportTips:Adding a User in SAS Management Console
Tips:Adding a date and time stamp message to the SAS LogTips:Adding superscripted footnote references to a reportTips:Aligning with a Put Function
Tips:Almost automatic PROC REPORT code generatorTips:Alternating Logistic RegressionTips:Another Way to Use the SUBSTR Function
Tips:Anyspace function: search for the carriage returnTips:Appending datasets efficientlyTips:Assign libraries to a path relative to current folder
Tips:Automatically Separating Data into Excel SheetsTips:Automatically assign Unix environment variables to SAS macro variablesTips:Automatically opening Excel workbooks created by the ExcelXP tagset
Tips:Avoiding blanks in SQL Macro CreationTips:BETWEEN does mean betweenTips:Between and Within Group Counters
Tips:Bit XOR function in SASTips:Box Cox TransformationTips:CCC in Proc Cluster
Tips:Calculate logarithm of any baseTips:Calculating AgesTips:Calculating Distance on the map
Tips:Calculating Exact Age with the YRDIF FunctionTips:Caution with the TRANWRD Function!Tips:Change decimal places in PROC FREQ
Tips:Changing FONT colorTips:Changing or Suppressing the Default SAS Splash Screen on WindowsTips:Changing the Delimiter when Using ODS CSV
Tips:Changing the SAS Web Report Studio BannerTips:Changing the default prompt on login from SAS/ConnectTips:Changing your titles in ODS Content Page
Tips:Check if a WHERE clause is validTips:Check if a directory existsTips:Check if a variable exists in a dataset
Tips:Checking for a data setTips:Choose which Datasets or Views to close in SAS Enterprise Guide
Tips:Choosing the Most Efficient ProcedureTips:Clearing a library of dataTips:Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel Test using PROC FREQ
Tips:Color/syntax highlight code within macro functionTips:Compile a Java program with PROC GROOVYTips:Comprehensive list of statistics produced by SAS
Tips:Compress("") Returns a Zero-Length Character StringTips:Controlling text height in titles and footnotesTips:Conversion from Excel Date to SAS Date
Tips:Convert MISSING to 0Tips:Copying files from UNIX to WINDOWS using SAS Enterprise Guide
Tips:Corrected Sum of Squares in PROC NLINTips:Counting Words in a List
Tips:Counting and miscounting occurrences using SQLTips:Create An Ad-hoc Measure on an OLAP Cube, without the OLAP AdministratorTips:Create a CSV file without column names/headers in row 1
Tips:Create a PROC IMPORT or PROC EXPORT Template Program for Ease of UseTips:Create a function key to clear the log and output and return to the SAS programTips:Create an Informat from a User-Defined Function
Tips:Creating Candlestick Chart in SASTips:Creating ZIP files with ODSTips:Creating a SAS Data Set with Another Operating Systems Data Representation
Tips:Creating a flag avoiding the If ... Then StructureTips:Creating an Ordered Subset using PROC RANKTips:Creating relative links in ODS HTML
Tips:Creating your own datetime formatTips:Cronbach's Alpha in SASTips:Ctrl + / is a quick and easy way to comment out SAS code
Tips:DATA Step Comparison Operators Are Non-AssociativeTips:Dataset COMPRESS option compresses the size of the SAS datasetTips:Datasets DELETE is Case Sensitive in Excel - but SQL DROP isn't
Tips:Declaring Macro variables on remote hostTips:Deduping using Proc Sort
Tips:Deploying a Custom Add-In TaskTips:Derivation of Mathematical Constants in SASTips:Detailed Directory Listing from PROC CONTENTS
Tips:Detected Characters For the ANY and NOT FunctionsTips:Detecting outliers using boxplotTips:Determine Product Release Levels
Tips:Determine the Location of the Executing ProgramTips:Determining Nature of SAS Files via their File ExtensionsTips:Determining the Setting of Groups of SAS Options
Tips:Determining the number of observations in a SAS data set efficientlyTips:Determining the setting of a particular SAS optionTips:Diagnosing authentication issues on Unix
Tips:Did you know that GENMAX will automatically backup your datasets?Tips:Different sorting options for variable names with Proc CONTENTSTips:Displaying a time value as a duration
Tips:Do not use SAS random numbers for encryptionTips:Don't mess up your Data - Option OUTSORT in PROC SURVEYSELECTTips:Double negatives to normalize a boolean value
Tips:Drawing Lines above/below the OutputTips:Durbin Watson Test in RegressionTips:Dynamic ALTLOG or LOG
Tips:Dynamically Insert and Append SAS Format and Macro Libraries within a SAS ProgramTips:Easy Way to Get All Variable Names From a Dataset
Tips:Easy Way to Research SAS System Requirements Across Computer Platforms and Operating SystemsTips:Easy way to input date/times that contain an imbeded space
Tips:Editor AbbreviationsTips:Editor Abbreviations in SAS Enterprise GuideTips:Effect coding and class variables in PROC LOGISTIC
Tips:Embedding Links in a TitleTips:Embedding the Flash Version of JMP's Bubble Plot into MS PowerPoint 2007Tips:Encrypting script in JMP
Tips:Enhanced Editor ShortcutsTips:Enterprise Guide - Turning Off the ODS output file creation by code
Tips:Enterprise Guide ResourcesTips:Estimate the Size of a Future SAS Data SetTips:Estimating the Size of New SAS Data Sets
Tips:Execution Time Macro Variable ResolutionTips:Exploiting the Metadata in SAS Dictionary Tables and ViewsTips:Explore config
Tips:Federal Fiscal Year Date ConversionTips:Find the LAST Non-Missing Value in a List of VariablesTips:Finding Multiple Occurrences
Tips:Finding the Position of the First Non-Digit in a StringTips:Forcing all Character Variables when Importing a CSV FileTips:Generating random number seed from the system clock
Tips:Genetic Algorithm in SASTips:Get Process ID (PID) of SAS Tasks Running on Unix and LinuxTips:Get the Metadata Path for the Currently Running Stored Process
Tips:Getting % sign in PROC TABULATETips:Getting Model Statistics into SAS data set from PROC LOGISTICTips:Getting Started with SAS and Hadoop
Tips:Getting all data and fields information in a directoryTips:Gini Coefficient in SAS
Tips:Give a Presentation at a Local SAS Users GroupTips:Going Green - Carbon Footprint Modeling with SASTips:Great Reference for SAS Functions, Informats, and Formats
Tips:Handling Transcoding ErrorTips:Handling trailing and leading blanks in SAS Macro VariableTips:Handy %PUT syntax for mvarName=text output
Tips:Have you tried the MISSING function yet?Tips:Heteroskedasticity in Proc RegTips:Highlighting report cells with no data
Tips:How to Display values for every row of an Order or Group Report-Item in Proc Report without using an AliasTips:How to add SAS Code on the WIKI
Tips:How to ask a statistics questionTips:How to list global macro variables in alphabetical orderTips:How to see Recent Changes
Tips:INFORMAT Modifiers on the INPUT StatementTips:INTNX function with Federal Fiscal YearTips:I want to hear the sound of SOUNDEX
Tips:Image files that SAS can't load into pdf or rtf documentsTips:Images as text - use Base 64 encodingTips:Implement Elastic Net Algorithm in SAS
Tips:Implement Regularized Discriminant Analysis in SASTips:Importing a Style SheetTips:Include Debugging Code in Your Programs
Tips:Increasing the Size of an Index PageTips:Index to SAS-L Chance to Make SAS-L History PostsTips:Inheriting Column Attributes (SQL)
Tips:Inserting rows in a specified order (SQL)Tips:InterleavingTips:JMP can enhance Excel usage
Tips:Jump-start PROC REPORTTips:K Nearest Neighbor in SAS
Tips:LIBREF function return valueTips:Legend for Proc Univariate Using AnnotateTips:Limiting File Download Size Using SAS/Connect
Tips:Local format using NLS and LocaleTips:MS Office function referencesTips:Macro Language Formatted Look-up
Tips:Macro Parameter Values using parmbuff & syspbuffTips:Make DATA your friendTips:Make a data set into a DATA step with the Data2DATAStep macro
Tips:Making Macro Variables READONLYTips:Making any repeatable task a file related menu itemTips:Map insets
Tips:Marketing Research MacrosTips:McNemar StatisticsTips:Measure SAS Performance with the LOGPARSE SAS Macro
Tips:Measure Who is Using SAS and What Products They are Using with RTRACETips:Missing Values in Classification VariablesTips:Modifying PDF Bookmark Text
Tips:Modifying SAS Explorer's "View in Excel"Tips:Multiple Dataset OptionsTips:Multiple Reports Per Page
Tips:Music in SASTips:Nodupkey using PROC SQL
Tips:Now You Can Use the IN Operator in a MacroTips:ODS Tip Sheets
Tips:Obtain the Amount of Computer Memory Available to SASTips:Order of SAS Operator EvaluationTips:PROC DATASETS Efficiencies
Tips:PROC SQL Join Algorithms and the METHOD OptionTips:PROC TRANSPOSE, using the IDLABEL to label the variable createdTips:Page X of Y
Tips:PlaceholderTips:Plotting Residuals in Linear RegressionTips:Pointing to Multiple Report Items On One Define Statement
Tips:Pound sign using picture formatTips:Predicting events and not non-events in PROC LOGISTIC
Tips:Program run timeTips:Protect your database connection passwords using PROC PWENCODE
Tips:Protecting your data with a passwordTips:Quick Check for Missing or Invalid Data Using FormatsTips:Rank of a matrix
Tips:Read Files From Web Sites Into Your SAS ProgramTips:Read Zipped Files DirectlyTips:Reading SAS Data Sets FTP-ed From Other Operating Systems
Tips:Recent changesTips:Reg Exp Substitution in Proc FormatTips:Remotely subset a large dataset
Tips:Removing License AliasTips:Removing a library reference using the libname functionTips:Renaming Variables with suffix
Tips:Replace Missing Character Values with a Character StringTips:Represent numerics as strings with no loss of precisionTips:Resolving a macro variable within single quotes
Tips:Retaining Quotes in a Input statementTips:Retrieving the First Character
Tips:SAS/Connect Can Upload More Than Just SAS Data SetsTips:SAS Global Forum Idea RequestTips:SAS Qualification Tools Ensure SAS is Installed and Operating Correctly
Tips:SAS TableEditor TagSetTips:SAS can manage your temporary external filesTips:SASware Ballot Voting Now Open
Tips:SGF09TIPjimTips:SPSS Importing ErrorsTips:SQL function MONOTONIC
Tips:SUM Statement and the Implied SUM FunctionTips:SVD in SASTips:Sample SAS Data Sets for Developing SAS Programs
Tips:Saving Your Work with the SAS Display Manager Autosave FeatureTips:Saving some or all of your keyboard macros/abbreviations in one stepTips:Schedule SAS Programs with SYSTASK and WAITFOR
Tips:Searching OptionsTips:Searching User Group PapersTips:SecretSQL: Keeping Your Passwords Safe
Tips:Selecting a Random Sample of ObservationsTips:Setting Browser Title with the stpbegin macroTips:Setting Data using Data list
Tips:Setting Default Values for Macro ParametersTips:Setting Shortcuts for Code Snippet in EGTips:Simple space saving
Tips:Simulate generalized gamma distributed data for PROC LIFEREGTips:Simulating Streaming Output in a Workspace ServerTips:Sleep Function Under Unix and Linux
Tips:Sorting a sorted dataTips:Sorting an Array in Descending OrderTips:Sorting of variables by name inside a data set
Tips:Spanning Headers in REPORTTips:Specifying a list of variablesTips:Specifying directory paths that work on Window and Unix
Tips:Splitting into one table can be fasterTips:Stacking REPORT HeadersTips:Start date: 1st Jan, 1960
Tips:Starting SAS pointing to a directory of interestTips:Static Dates in RTF Output
Tips:Strip Blanks from PROC SQL-Created Macro Variable ValuesTips:Subsetting Data Using the ESCAPE ClauseTips:Summarize data in a rolling window
Tips:Suppressing the Batch Dialog when running SAS in Batch ModeTips:Text Indentation and Forced Linefeed (Carriage Return) with the ExcelXP Tagset
Tips:The SAS SupervisorTips:The SAS XML MapperTips:This Page Intentionally Left Blank
Tips:Timekeeping at User Group presentationsTips:Tip Sheet for SAS/IML LanguageTips:Tip Sheets on
Tips:Top level directory in web-based STP listTips:Turning AMO on and offTips:Tutorial Dialog in 2nd Base SAS Session
Tips:Tweak PROC FASTCLUS for closest match lookup
Tips:Two steps in one with Proc SQL – summarize and create macro variableTips:UPDATE Statement vs SQLTips:Unexpected NOTE becomes ERROR
Tips:Unriddle encoding in SAS Visual AnalyticsTips:Updating an Excel Table the Excel Libname
Tips:Use BYVAL to Write Better TitlesTips:Use CALL MISSING to Set a List of Variables to MissingTips:Use CATX and IFC to Build a Concatenated List of Treatments
Tips:Use IS MISSING and IS NULL with Numeric or Character VariablesTips:Use PROC SQL to Create SAS Data sets from Excel filesTips:Use SAS DM Commands to Save and then Clear Your SAS Log
Tips:Use SYSRPUT to determine whether a SAS/Connect session failedTips:Use The HASH Object to Sort Your DataTips:Use The SAS Sample Program Libraries
Tips:Use X Commands within a SAS Program to Issue Commands to Windows or MS-DOSTips:Use Your SAS Programming Skills in SAS Enterprise GuideTips:Use libname libref LIST to show libref details in the log
Tips:Use the BETWEEN-AND Operator to Search an Inclusive Range of ValuesTips:Use the CONTAINS Operator as an Alternative to the INDEX Function
Tips:Use the HOLIDAY Function to Compute the Date of a US or Canadian HolidayTips:Use the MRECALL Option to Recompile Autocall Macros During DevelopmentTips:Use the OBS= Option to Save Time While Testing
Tips:Use the RESOLVE Function to Build a List into a Macro VariableTips:Use the SOURCE2 Option with %include to Get a Detailed LogTips:Use the TRANSLATE function to validate data
Tips:Use version control to save your workTips:Useful Enhanced Editor macrosTips:User Specific Autoexecs in Enterprise Guide
Tips:Using &SQLOBS to report on empty setsTips:Using ?? in the INPUT StatementTips:Using Date Prompts in Stored Procesess
Tips:Using GETOPTION to Save and Restore OptionsTips:Using IFC to Conditionally Execute Global StatementsTips:Using JMP with base SAS
Tips:Using MSGLEVEL = ITips:Using Multilabel Formats to Expand or Duplicate DataTips:Using NOTE, WARNING, ERROR in Your Program's Generated Messages
Tips:Using PATHNAME to Retrieve a Physical PathTips:Using PROC RANK to Generate PercentilesTips:Using REPLACE and REPEMPTY Together
Tips:Using SPANROWS To Repeat Values Across PagesTips:Using The Asterisk to Comment Macro Code
Tips:Using UPDATE to Collapse a Data SetTips:Using Variable List Abbreviations as Function ArgumentsTips:Using formulas in Excel and actual values in HTML and PDF output
Tips:Using the &SYSUSERID Macro VariableTips:Using the FLYOVER style attribute to display long text stringsTips:Using the INPUT Function in a FCMP Function
Tips:Using the LOCK Statement for Exclusive Use of a SAS Data SetTips:Using the NOQUOTELENMAX OptionTips:Using the PATHNAME Function
Tips:Using the RENAME Function to Rename SAS Data Sets, Catalogs, OS Files, and DirectoriesTips:Using the SASMSG function for table lookupTips:Using the SAS Stored Process Web Application: Changing the Default/Welcome Page