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  1. 3era. Reunión de Usuarios SAS Forum 2009
  2. 4° Reunión de Usuarios SAS Forum 2010
  3. 5 ° Reunión de Usuarios SAS Forum 2011
  4. 7° Reunión de Usuarios SAS Forum México 2013
  5. 8° Reunión de Usuarios SAS Forum México 2014
  6. Add Your Tube Videos
  7. Analyzing the Safewalk® Program with SAS®
  8. Ask for help ;how to draw this kind of picture? Thanks!
  9. Automating SAS with an Enterprise Job Scheduler
  10. Base SAS Concepts - Puzzle
  11. Base SAS Concepts - Puzzle 1
  12. Birth of
  13. Bit Products & NULLs
  14. Building AJAX Applications in Visual Studio 2005
  15. Business Intelligence Programmer Analyst, Colorado Springs, CO
  16. Business Intelligence SAS User Group
  17. Calling All SAS IT Management Community Users ...Is SAS Listening to you ?
  18. Capturing and Presenting PROC TTEST Results using ODS and PROC REPORT
  19. Cisco, SAS Leverage Edge Computing for Clinical IoT Data
  20. Clinical Metadata - Web based metadata management
  21. Combine Datasets using Inexact Character Variables in SAS
  22. Comité Grupo de Usuarios SAS ciclo 2008-2009
  23. Comité Grupo de Usuarios SAS ciclo 2010-2011
  24. Comments From user John Adams
  25. Comments by user JohnAdams
  26. Connect Online at
  27. Connect with Users/New Profiles
  28. Converting 2010 Census Summary File 1 (SF1) Data into SAS Data Sets
  29. Create an Article for your SAS Global Forum 2009 Presentation
  30. Create an Article for your SAS Global Forum Presentation 2010
  31. Creating Easily Reusable and Extensible Processes: Code That Thinks for Itself
  32. Customer Chemistry
  33. Cutpoint Determination Methods in Survival Analysis Using SAS: %FINDCUT Macro
  34. D-Wise Technologies, Inc.
  35. DHSoft
  36. DataMine - Professional SAS Consulting Services -
  37. Data Mining using SAS Applications by George Fernandez
  38. Data Steps: A regularly updated blog about programming with the SAS System.
  39. Data mining models for improving card fraud detection
  40. Date Dimension created with SAS
  41. DeVenezia's SAS/AF Components, Frames and Utilities
  42. Denmark: SAS Forum May 28th-29th 2008
  43. Denver SAS Users Group
  44. Descriptive Statistics for Healthcare
  45. Descriptive Statistics for Healthcare Data Analysis using the SAS® System
  46. Designing Presentations
  47. Determining monthly rates in long term care with a variable reimbursement schedule
  48. Did You Know That? Essential Hacks for Clever SAS Programmers
  49. Different ways of merging using an example
  50. Director - Program for Computing Systems and Coding Strategies Health IT Policy, Research Triangle Park, NC or Waltham, MA area
  51. Director - Program for Computing Systems and Coding Strategies Health IT Policy - Durham NC or Waltham MA
  52. Discovering Statistics Using SAS
  53. Displaying Format Contents from the SAS Explorer
  54. Displaying Variable Names and Labels in Procedure Output
  55. Distributed install for Enterprise Business Intelligence
  56. Document and Enhance Your SAS® Code, Data Sets, and Catalogs with SAS Functions, Macros, and SAS Metadata
  57. Downloading American Community Survey 5 year data into a workable SAS format
  58. Drug Days
  59. Dummy variables and simulation
  60. Dynamic formats in PROC REPORT
  61. EOM Data
  63. East Tennessee SAS Users Group
  64. EclipseIT
  65. Editing Blog Entries
  66. Edmonton SAS User Group Meeting
  67. Edmonton SAS Users Group (e-SUG)
  68. Eight D's of Scientific Investigation
  69. Enterprise BI Installation - Client Validation Steps
  70. Errata for Analyzing and Interpreting Continuous Data Using JMP: A Step-by-Step Guide
  71. Errata for Carpenters Complete Guide to the SAS Macro Language, Third Edition
  72. Estratégia de recuperação
  73. Etiquette
  74. Evaluation of a Hospice Care Referral Program Using Cox Proportional Hazards Model
  75. Exact Confidence Intervals for Risk-Adjusted Rates
  76. ExcelXP Multiple Titles fix
  77. Exploring Dictionary Tables with PROC SQL featuring Kirk Paul Lafler (June 2006)
  78. Extending
  79. Extreme SAS® reporting II: Data Compendium and 5 Star Ratings Revisited
  80. FM User Connection
  81. FORMCHAR Option
  82. FREQ and WEIGHT Statements
  83. FYI - Delay in selection & notification of SAS Global Forum 2012 Abstracts
  84. Faster SAS Jobs and Few Passes via DATA Step Views
  85. Fibonacci series from random initial values
  86. File Extensions
  87. Finding group of an option
  88. Finding keywords in text
  89. Finnish SAS User Group
  90. Fixed Effects Regression Methods for Longitudinal Data Using SAS
  91. Florida Gulf Coast SAS Users Group
  92. Forecasting Best Practices Workshop - Houston, TX
  93. Forums Feature
  94. Fraud, Risk and Improper Payments Demo Script
  95. Free Documentation License
  96. Free SAS Talks Webinar, Thursday, May 8, 2014
  97. Futrix
  98. Fuzzy Matching
  99. GNU licensing agreement
  100. GPL: General Public License

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