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  1. 3era. Reunión de Usuarios SAS Forum 2009
  2. 4° Reunión de Usuarios SAS Forum 2010
  3. 5 ° Reunión de Usuarios SAS Forum 2011
  4. 7° Reunión de Usuarios SAS Forum México 2013
  5. 8° Reunión de Usuarios SAS Forum México 2014
  6. Add Your Tube Videos
  7. Analyzing the Safewalk® Program with SAS®
  8. Ask for help ;how to draw this kind of picture? Thanks!
  9. Automating SAS with an Enterprise Job Scheduler
  10. Base SAS Concepts - Puzzle
  11. Base SAS Concepts - Puzzle 1
  12. Birth of
  13. Bit Products & NULLs
  14. Building AJAX Applications in Visual Studio 2005
  15. Business Intelligence Programmer Analyst, Colorado Springs, CO
  16. Business Intelligence SAS User Group
  17. Calling All SAS IT Management Community Users ...Is SAS Listening to you ?
  18. Capturing and Presenting PROC TTEST Results using ODS and PROC REPORT
  19. Cisco, SAS Leverage Edge Computing for Clinical IoT Data
  20. Clinical Metadata - Web based metadata management
  21. Combine Datasets using Inexact Character Variables in SAS
  22. Comité Grupo de Usuarios SAS ciclo 2008-2009
  23. Comité Grupo de Usuarios SAS ciclo 2010-2011
  24. Comments From user John Adams
  25. Comments by user JohnAdams
  26. Connect Online at
  27. Connect with Users/New Profiles
  28. Converting 2010 Census Summary File 1 (SF1) Data into SAS Data Sets
  29. Create an Article for your SAS Global Forum 2009 Presentation
  30. Create an Article for your SAS Global Forum Presentation 2010
  31. Creating Easily Reusable and Extensible Processes: Code That Thinks for Itself
  32. Customer Chemistry
  33. Cutpoint Determination Methods in Survival Analysis Using SAS: %FINDCUT Macro
  34. D-Wise Technologies, Inc.
  35. DHSoft
  36. DataMine - Professional SAS Consulting Services -
  37. Data Mining using SAS Applications by George Fernandez
  38. Data Steps: A regularly updated blog about programming with the SAS System.
  39. Data mining models for improving card fraud detection
  40. Date Dimension created with SAS
  41. DeVenezia's SAS/AF Components, Frames and Utilities
  42. Denmark: SAS Forum May 28th-29th 2008
  43. Denver SAS Users Group
  44. Descriptive Statistics for Healthcare
  45. Descriptive Statistics for Healthcare Data Analysis using the SAS® System
  46. Designing Presentations
  47. Determining monthly rates in long term care with a variable reimbursement schedule
  48. Did You Know That? Essential Hacks for Clever SAS Programmers
  49. Different ways of merging using an example
  50. Director - Program for Computing Systems and Coding Strategies Health IT Policy, Research Triangle Park, NC or Waltham, MA area
  51. Director - Program for Computing Systems and Coding Strategies Health IT Policy - Durham NC or Waltham MA
  52. Discovering Statistics Using SAS
  53. Displaying Format Contents from the SAS Explorer
  54. Displaying Variable Names and Labels in Procedure Output
  55. Distributed install for Enterprise Business Intelligence
  56. Document and Enhance Your SAS® Code, Data Sets, and Catalogs with SAS Functions, Macros, and SAS Metadata
  57. Downloading American Community Survey 5 year data into a workable SAS format
  58. Drug Days
  59. Dummy variables and simulation
  60. Dynamic formats in PROC REPORT
  61. EOM Data
  63. East Tennessee SAS Users Group
  64. EclipseIT
  65. Editing Blog Entries
  66. Edmonton SAS User Group Meeting
  67. Edmonton SAS Users Group (e-SUG)
  68. Eight D's of Scientific Investigation
  69. Enterprise BI Installation - Client Validation Steps
  70. Errata for Analyzing and Interpreting Continuous Data Using JMP: A Step-by-Step Guide
  71. Errata for Carpenters Complete Guide to the SAS Macro Language, Third Edition
  72. Estratégia de recuperação
  73. Etiquette
  74. Evaluation of a Hospice Care Referral Program Using Cox Proportional Hazards Model
  75. Exact Confidence Intervals for Risk-Adjusted Rates
  76. ExcelXP Multiple Titles fix
  77. Exploring Dictionary Tables with PROC SQL featuring Kirk Paul Lafler (June 2006)
  78. Extending
  79. Extreme SAS® reporting II: Data Compendium and 5 Star Ratings Revisited
  80. FM User Connection
  81. FORMCHAR Option
  82. FREQ and WEIGHT Statements
  83. FYI - Delay in selection & notification of SAS Global Forum 2012 Abstracts
  84. Faster SAS Jobs and Few Passes via DATA Step Views
  85. Fibonacci series from random initial values
  86. File Extensions
  87. Finding group of an option
  88. Finding keywords in text
  89. Finnish SAS User Group
  90. Fixed Effects Regression Methods for Longitudinal Data Using SAS
  91. Florida Gulf Coast SAS Users Group
  92. Forecasting Best Practices Workshop - Houston, TX
  93. Forums Feature
  94. Fraud, Risk and Improper Payments Demo Script
  95. Free Documentation License
  96. Free SAS Talks Webinar, Thursday, May 8, 2014
  97. Futrix
  98. Fuzzy Matching
  99. GNU licensing agreement
  100. GPL: General Public License
  101. GPPSandbox3
  102. GRID Documentation References
  103. Gee! No, GTL! Visualizing Data With The SAS Graph Template Language
  104. General Linear Models
  105. General Navigation on Site
  106. General Public License (GPL)
  107. Generalized Linear Models
  108. Generating Descriptive Please Wait Messages for Long Running Stored Processes
  109. Generating SAS Code In Non-SAS Languages
  110. Generating Zeroes in PROC TRANSPOSE Output
  111. GetFileInfo
  112. Getting Logical Observations from a SAS table
  113. Getting Your SAS Program to do Your Typing for You
  114. Getting list of ODS tables
  115. Going From Open Office Calc to SAS
  116. Golden Horseshoe SAS User Group
  117. Google Book Search
  118. Greater Atlanta SAS Users Group
  119. Groupe d'utilisateurs de SAS de la ville de Québec
  120. Guidelines for Creating a Hands-on Workshop
  121. HASUG to meet DEcember 6 from 9 to noon in Danbury CT
  122. HP SGS SUG
  123. Handbook of Statistics: Epidemiology and Medical Statistics
  124. Handling the Year 2000 and Other Timely Issues
  125. Hartford Area SAS User Group
  126. Hausman test in the logit model
  127. Hawaii SAS Users Group
  128. Health Care Data and SAS
  129. Health Users Group (HUG)
  130. Help needed: How do I get the modification date for raw data set on mainframe?
  131. Highmark SAS User Group
  132. Historical Perspective of the SAS Global User Group Executive Board
  133. Hokiesug
  134. Hot Deck Imputation
  135. Houston Users Group - SAS
  136. How I use SAS in my career: Anon.001
  137. How I use SAS in my career: E. Kemper
  138. How I use SAS in my career: P.R. Swank
  139. How I use SAS in my career: R.J. Fehd
  140. How I use SAS in my career: R. Cloutier
  141. How to Become A Top SAS Programmer
  142. How to generate interactive Charts and Graphs using JavaScript libraries and SAS Stored Process Web Application
  143. I.T. Training Services Limited
  144. ICD-9 format
  145. ICD coding
  146. IDR Quick Access Reference Guide
  147. Illinois SAS User Groups
  148. Implementing a Discrete Event Simulation Using the American Community Survey and SAS® University Edition
  149. In Memoriam Frederick Pratter
  150. In Memoriam Robert Hamer
  151. Include Your LinkedIn Profile/View Examples
  152. Incoming RSS feeds from external sources
  153. Information for All: Why and How to Make Accessible SAS Output
  154. Initializing
  155. InnovativeTechniquesReviews
  156. Insights: El Newsletter para Usuarios de SAS en Latinoamérica
  157. Instagram for JMP and SAS Users
  158. InstallPQ
  159. Integration
  160. Interesting SAS interview question Vodcast
  161. Intro to Stata, Stat Transfer and JMP 8.0
  162. Introduction to Predictive Modeling with Examples
  163. Introduction to SAS Macros
  164. Israeli SAS User Group
  165. JAVAOBJ webio
  166. JMP/DOE design of experiments
  167. JMP Datasets for Analyzing and Interpreting Continuous Data Using JMP
  168. JMP Users Group, So.Calif, 2009Q4 Mtg
  169. JMP Users Group, So.Calif, 2010Q1 Mtg
  170. JMP Visual Analytics
  171. JSM 2007
  172. Jamaica
  173. Joe Celko
  174. Judging Papers
  175. KRUWALC, A Macro for Categorical Data
  176. KSUUG (King Saud University Users Group)
  177. Kansas City Area SAS Users Group (KCASUG)
  178. Keynote for 2011 Regionals, Rick Langston
  179. Kirk's SASword Puzzles
  180. Kirk Paul Lafler's "White" Papers
  181. Kirk Paul Lafler's "White" Papers, Presentations, Podcasts and Webinars
  182. Kjlcs/A Supportive Community
  183. Kjlcs/Base SAS/ASCII
  184. Kjlcs/Base SAS/CLMacro
  185. Kjlcs/Base SAS/Numerical Precision
  186. Kjlcs/Base SAS/ODS/Color Mapping
  187. Kjlcs/Base SAS/ODS/PDF
  188. Kjlcs/Base SAS/Performane
  189. Kjlcs/Base SAS/Statements
  190. Kjlcs/Base SAS/fivefull
  191. Kjlcs/Deployment
  192. Kjlcs/Operating Systems/DB2
  193. Kjlcs/Operating Systems/Deployment
  194. Kjlcs/Operating Systems/Make directories in Windows
  195. Kjlcs/Operating Systems/Moving from Lotus Notes to Outlook 2010
  196. Kjlcs/Operating Systems/SAS Connect
  197. Kjlcs/Operating Systems/Useful OS Info
  198. Kjlcs/Review Later
  199. Kjlcs/SAS Coding
  200. Kjlcs/Useful Macros/dupoutwindow
  201. Kkoonce
  202. Knuth Distribution Counting
  203. Kumar Sridhar's Space
  204. LAXAI Clinical Data Management and Biostatistics Services
  205. LAXAI SAS Authorized Training Center in India
  206. Large-scale System Development
  207. Last Observation Carried Forward
  208. Latitude/longitude to UTM conversion (and vice-versa)
  209. Learn how to solve complex logic using the SAS Decision Table Macro
  210. Legacy of Fame and Glory
  211. LibWork
  212. List of Known Spammers to Delete
  213. Live Webcast Feature
  214. Local User Groups Sample Page
  215. Looping through tokens in a macro variable with Scan
  216. M2010
  217. MAJARO InfoSystems, Inc
  218. MAXimize your Analysis by using the Medicaid Analytic eXtract (MAX)
  219. MINDELIMITER Macro In Delimiter
  220. MMS Holdings Inc. to host Michigan SAS Users Group Meeting
  221. Macro CopyRepl for Report Writing with Data Null
  222. Macro CyArrow for Annotate
  223. Macro DO Loops Across 2 Digit Years
  224. Macro DateDiff
  225. Macro Design Bugs How to Create Avoid and Destroy
  226. Macro Design Issues SAS-L threads
  227. Macro DirListWin
  228. Macro FindType
  229. Macro Freqlvar: Frequency of one variable with format
  230. Macro MloopsX
  231. Macro Nitems
  232. Macro PDMIX 800 for SAS 9.1
  233. Macro Pearson
  234. Macro vartype
  235. Macros for List Processing
  236. Making List of Vars in v9-1 SAShelp
  237. Making ODS Output Objects Work for You
  238. Making Test Data with Random Real Numbers
  239. Managing Clinical Trials Data with a SAS-Based Web Portal
  240. Manipulating Date Fields
  241. Manipulating Text Fields in SAS: Compress, Tranwrd and Scan
  242. Map the SAS Executables on Linux/Unix
  243. Mari Belajar SAS......untuk Pemula
  244. MaxisIT Inc
  245. May
  246. Medical Jobs Australia
  247. Meet the SAS Press Authors
  248. Melbourne SAS User Group
  249. Memphis Area SAS User Group
  250. Meta-Xceed, Inc
  251. Meta-Xceed, Inc. Presentations
  252. Meta-Xceed, Inc. Services
  253. Michael A. Raithel's Blogs on the SAS Bookshelf
  254. Mid-Missouri SAS Users Group
  255. Molly’s Top 10 Resolution Tips for Ringing in the New Year with a New Job
  256. Montreal SAS Users Group (MONSUG)
  257. More than Batch
  258. NCHS National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2003-2004
  259. NESUG Speaker Sharing Program
  260. NLMIXED and GLIMMIX for dyadic data with binomial responses
  261. Name Pursing Algorithm
  262. Nebraska SAS Users Group
  263. Network Optimizations in SAS/OR®, with both NETFLOW and OPTMODEL procedures
  264. Nevada SAS user Group
  265. New Jersey SAS Users Group
  266. New Leadership Council for the SAS Community
  267. New York Area SAS User Group
  268. No Access
  269. Non-standard Days
  270. NorthEast SAS Users Group/2009
  271. NorthEast SAS Users Group/2010
  272. Northern Colorado-Wyoming SAS Users Group
  273. Northern Illinois SAS User Group
  274. Northern Virginia SAS User Group
  275. NoteColon Blog
  276. Note on reading mails in the DATA step
  277. Numerical Palindromes
  278. ODS HTML to MediaWiki
  280. ORS - Columbia, SC SAS User Group
  281. On-Site, Public and On-LIne Training from Sierra Information Services
  282. Online SAS Users Communities (Linkup at SGF 2015)
  283. Optimizing PROC TABULATE
  284. Option Rtrace
  285. Oracle Develop Offers Updates on Java Technology
  286. Orange County and Inland Empire SAS Users Group/2012
  287. Orange County and Inland Empire SAS Users Group/2013
  288. Ottawa Area SAS Users Society (OASUS)
  289. Ottawa Platform User Society (SAS OPUS)
  290. Output Delivery System: The Basics, by Lauren Haworth
  291. Output Delivery System Style Gallery
  292. PC SAS - Batch mode - log file doesn't tell me where it printed no listing file
  293. PL SQL in SAS passthrough connect to oracle
  294. PROC DOC III: Self-generating Codebooks Using SAS®
  295. PROC GMAP, HTML, and You
  296. PROC MEANS ignores format widths in output
  298. PROC REPORT - A Macro for repeating group values
  299. PROC REPORT Quick Style Change Using HEADTEXT
  300. PROC REPORT and PROC TABULATE with ratios and total titles
  301. PROC REPORT with pseudo-observation numbers
  302. PROC SQL: A Hands-on Tour by Kirk Paul Lafler
  303. PROC STREAM and SAS Server Pages: Generating Custom HTML Reports
  304. PROC STREAM and SAS Server Pages: Generating Custom User Interfaces
  305. PROC ShotFoot
  306. PROC TABULATE and ODS RTF: The Perfect Fit for Complex Table Headers
  307. PROC TABULATE by Example, by Lauren Haworth
  308. PROC TEMPLATE, TITLE or ODS TEXT? Fitting 3 entity logos at the top of report pages.
  309. PROC TEMPLATE Made Easy: A Guide for SAS Users
  310. PROC Tabulate
  311. PROC Tabulate Advanced Output Formatting
  312. PWConsulting
  313. PW Consulting
  314. Pacific Northwest Statistical Consulting
  315. Page X of Y
  316. Page X of Y pdf
  317. Page X of Y rtf
  318. Paperintro
  319. Papersize in Proc Template
  320. Papertemplate
  321. Parsing SYSPARM with Infile Magic
  322. Patient Profile App
  323. Pegboard Game Recursive SAS Macro
  324. Penn State Area SAS Users Group
  325. People who have created systems
  326. Performance Monitoring
  327. Performance drag when using OUTPUT with MODIFY
  328. Permutation Tests (and Sampling Without Replacement) Orders of Magnitude Faster Using SAS
  329. Permutations
  330. Perth SAS User Group
  331. PhUSE 2007 - Lisbon, Portugal
  332. PharmaSUG, Pharmaceutical Industry SAS Users Group
  333. PharmaSUG / FDA JumpStart (discussion)
  334. PharmaSUG 2008- June 1-3 in Atlanta, GA
  335. PharmaSUG 2010
  336. PharmaSUG 2015 Reflections
  337. PharmaSUG Freelance Forum
  338. PharmaSUG Freelance Forum 2014
  339. Pharmaceutical Industry SAS Users Group
  340. Philadelphia Area SAS Users Group
  341. Pinnacle Solutions, Inc
  342. Ponentes para Segunda Reunión de Usuarios México 2008
  343. Ponentes para Segunda Reunión de Usuarios SAS 2008
  344. Portland Area SAS User Group
  345. PpsDefine
  346. Preconnect
  347. Predictive Analysis of Auto Insurance Purchasing Behavior on the Internet
  348. PresentationPagesVideos
  349. Presenters' Uploads Feature
  350. Pretty Dates All in a Row
  351. Printing SAS reports from Windows Explorer
  352. Problem in SAS SMC while creating New Library under Data Library Manager
  353. Proc Migrate
  354. Proc Option Groups
  355. Proc ShootFoot
  356. Proc spell
  357. Processing Data with Beginning and Ending Dates
  358. Program Documentation Header
  359. Programmatically list stored processes in metadata
  360. Propensity Scores and Propensity Score Analysis
  361. Publishing ODS output as a PDF to a webDAV server
  362. Putting Labels in Titles
  363. Questionnaire Analysis in Clinical Trial Study
  364. Quick Results With SAS/GRAPH Software
  365. Quick Results with Proc SQL
  366. Quickly preview your very large textfiles with SAS or Python
  368. Random assignment of proxy event dates to unexposed individuals in observational studies: An automated technique using SAS®.
  369. Reading TotalView-ITCH files with SAS
  370. Reading XLSX Excel files with SAS/BASE macro - the easy way
  371. Reading excel pivot tables
  372. Reading in SAS Data In Excel 2007
  373. Red River Valley Users Group
  374. Regional 2008 User Group Conferences
  375. Regional Presentations
  376. Regional User Groups/Calendar "Regional User Events" (10-17-2007) - Event 1
  377. Registration Profile Feature
  378. Regression Integration
  379. Regression models for categorical and limited dependent variables
  380. Renaming ODS body files
  381. Repeating Group variable values in PROC REPORT
  382. Request for SAS Global Forum 2019 Conference Chair Applications
  383. Request for SAS Global Forum 2020 Conference Chair Applications
  384. Research Analyst/SAS Statistical Programmer - WA Dept. Social & Health Services - Olympia, WA
  385. Research Triangle SAS User Group
  386. Responsibilities of the Gardener
  387. Reunión de Usuarios SAS MX 28 de Julio 2011
  388. Reunión de Usuarios SAS MX 9 de Agosto 2012
  389. Reunión de usuarios MX 21 de julio 2010
  390. Right-Click Context Menus
  391. Rolling Calculations
  392. Run SAS programs from a scheduled task on windows
  393. SAS-EBI Information Maps – A Discussion of Best Practices
  394. SAS-related pages on Squidoo
  395. SAS/OR
  396. SASWise
  397. SAS 9.2 and SAS Enterprise Guide 4.2 on Windows 7
  398. SAS Author: Philip R Holland (LinkedIn group)
  399. SAS Authors: News & Events
  400. SAS Beginner
  401. SAS Book Reviews at
  402. SAS Books
  403. SAS Code, Tips and Techniques at
  404. SAS Code for Ellipse Confidence Region
  405. SAS Consultant Special Interest Group
  407. SAS Data Step Merge vs SQL Joins
  408. SAS Decision Table Macro
  409. SAS ETS procedures for models
  410. SAS Energy Risk User Group
  411. SAS Enterprise Guide unzipped
  412. SAS European Users Group International Proceedings/SEUGI1983
  413. SAS European Users Group International Proceedings/SEUGI1984
  414. SAS European Users Group International Proceedings/SEUGI1985
  415. SAS European Users Group International Proceedings/SEUGI1986
  416. SAS European Users Group International Proceedings/SEUGI1987
  417. SAS European Users Group International Proceedings/SEUGI1988
  418. SAS European Users Group International Proceedings/SEUGI1989
  419. SAS European Users Group International Proceedings/SEUGI1990
  420. SAS European Users Group International Proceedings/SEUGI1991
  421. SAS European Users Group International Proceedings/SEUGI1992
  422. SAS European Users Group International Proceedings/SEUGI1993
  423. SAS European Users Group International Proceedings/SEUGI1994
  424. SAS European Users Group International Proceedings/SEUGI1995
  425. SAS European Users Group International Proceedings/SEUGI1996
  426. SAS European Users Group International Proceedings/SEUGI1997
  427. SAS European Users Group International Proceedings/SEUGI1998
  428. SAS European Users Group International Proceedings/SEUGI1999
  429. SAS European Users Group International Proceedings/SEUGI2000
  430. SAS European Users Group International Proceedings/SEUGI2001
  431. SAS European Users Group International Proceedings/SEUGI2002
  432. SAS European Users Group International Proceedings/SEUGI2003
  433. SAS European Users Group International Proceedings/SFI2004
  434. SAS European Users Group International Proceedings/SFI2005
  435. SAS European Users Group International Proceedings/SFI2006
  436. SAS European Users Group International Proceedings/SFI2007
  437. SAS Formats and the Data Driven Approach
  438. SAS Forum ANZ 2008 Agenda
  439. SAS Forum Australia and New Zealand 2008
  440. SAS Functions by Example
  441. SAS Global Forum (SGF) 2014 Reflections
  442. SAS Global Forum 2007
  443. SAS Global Forum 2008 Conference Chair
  444. SAS Global Forum 2008 Conference Chair's Blog
  445. SAS Global Forum 2010 Town Hall
  446. SAS Global Forum 2011 Posters
  447. SAS Global Forum 2012 Keynote from John Sall
  448. SAS Global Forum Ideas/editintro
  449. SAS Global Forum Online Presentations
  450. SAS Global Forum Paper: Match Made in Heaven: Predictive Analytics and the SAS® BI Dashboard 4.3 (047-2011)
  451. SAS Global Forum Paper Ideas/Applications Development
  452. SAS Global Forum Paper Ideas/Banking Financial Services & Insurance
  453. SAS Global Forum Paper Ideas/Beyond the Basics
  454. SAS Global Forum Paper Ideas/Code Doctors
  455. SAS Global Forum Paper Ideas/Customer Intelligence
  456. SAS Global Forum Paper Ideas/Data Integration
  457. SAS Global Forum Paper Ideas/Data Mining and Text Analytics
  458. SAS Global Forum Paper Ideas/Foundations and Fundamentals
  459. SAS Global Forum Paper Ideas/Health Care Providers & Insurers
  460. SAS Global Forum Paper Ideas/Insurance
  461. SAS Global Forum Paper Ideas/Management
  462. SAS Global Forum Paper Ideas/Operations Research
  463. SAS Global Forum Paper Ideas/Pharma
  464. SAS Global Forum Paper Ideas/Planning and Support
  465. SAS Global Forum Paper Ideas/Posters
  466. SAS Global Forum Paper Ideas/Reporting and Information Visualization
  467. SAS Global Forum Paper Ideas/Retail
  468. SAS Global Forum Paper Ideas/SAS Enterprise Guide-Implementation and Usage
  469. SAS Global Forum Paper Ideas/Social Media & Networking
  470. SAS Global Forum Paper Ideas/Statistics and Data Analysis
  471. SAS Global Forum Paper Ideas/Systems Architecture
  472. SAS Global Forum Paper Ideas/Travel Hospitality and Entertainment
  473. SAS Global Forum Proceedings/SUGI 76
  474. SAS Global Forum Proceedings/SUGI 77
  475. SAS Global Forum Proceedings/SUGI 78
  476. SAS Global Forum Proceedings/SUGI 79
  477. SAS Global Forum Proceedings/SUGI 80
  478. SAS Global Forum Proceedings/SUGI 81
  479. SAS Global Forum Proceedings/SUGI 82
  480. SAS Global Forum Proceedings/SUGI 83
  481. SAS Global Forum Proceedings/SUGI 84
  482. SAS Global Forum Proceedings/SUGI 85
  483. SAS Global Forum Proceedings/SUGI 86
  484. SAS Global Forum Proceedings/SUGI 87
  485. SAS Global Forum Proceedings/SUGI 88
  486. SAS Global Forum Proceedings/SUGI 89
  487. SAS Global Forum Proceedings/SUGI 90
  488. SAS Global Forum Proceedings/SUGI 91
  489. SAS Global Forum Proceedings/SUGI 92
  490. SAS Global Forum Proceedings/SUGI 93
  491. SAS Global Forum Proceedings/SUGI 94
  492. SAS Global Forum Proceedings/SUGI 95
  493. SAS Global Forum Proceedings/SUGI 96
  494. SAS Global Users Group/Conference Chair Nomination
  495. SAS Halifax Regional User Group
  496. SAS Improves BI for Marketing
  497. SAS Jobs Blog
  498. SAS Journal Feature
  499. SAS LA Forum Abstracts/Shanetta Robinson
  500. SAS LA Forum Abstracts/Tara Jiles

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