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Why DDE is a bad direction.

  • DDE is deprecated.
Deprecated means that a technology is no longer considered sustainable and support for it MAY be dropped at a later point. Basically, it is a warning that it may or may not work long-term. Now the good news is that Microsoft strives to maintain backwards compatibility so the chances of DDE falling off of the face of the planet are slim. Nonetheless, efforts should be made to avoid it and convert older programs.
  • DDE in SAS completely and utterly loses all metadata
put "MySpreadsheet"; has essentially lost all metadata about what 'MySpreadsheet' contains. 'MySpreadsheet is now a string and has info such as the length of the string but that is about it. In newer technologies such as .NET, MySpreadsheet is an object and it contains properties, methods, etc. that describe everything in detail. For example, MySpreadsheet will have cells, colors, printing options, pivot table functionality, exporting, etc.
In modern editors, losing the context of what the spreadsheet contains relegates an end-user to a slow death. Intellisense doesn't work and there is no reflection on the object that helps someone develop applications. Now, for most SAS users, they do not know how important intellisense is for development. Intellisense is simply the editor helping the end user by popping up all of the properties of the object as someone types. How great would it be if someone typed in proc freq in a SAS editor and it popped up all of the options available for freq? Instead of always going to a book for what the syntax/options are, the editor kept all of that context?

--Savian 07:04, 31 May 2007 (EDT)

DDE requires Excel to be open

DDE requires Excel to be open when it is operating.