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Ten Treasure Trove Tips for SAS Professionals

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As a SAS professional, you’ll know that there is always something to learn with SAS software. On 24th October, I presented at our local SAS user group in Brisbane, Australia, QUEST (Queensland Users Exploring SAS Technology), Ten Treasure Trove Tips to Takeaway for SAS professionals. In being asked to present on #TalkLikeAPirateDay, I embraced the opportunity to create a pirate and treasured themed presentation, digging deep to deliver ten treasure trove tips for statisticians, analysts, data wranglers, administrators and new SAS learners to takeaway. The tips were curated from the following SAS community champions: Cynthia Johnson, Kate Schwartz, David Stern, Paul Homes, Rick Wicklin, Bobby Wagoner, Gert Nisson, Sanjay Matange, Robert Allison, Linus Hjorth and Chris Hemedinger. Thank you!

It was an educational and fun evening where QUEST attendees were treated with tips and tricks as well as few chocolate gold doubloons!

Jump over to the Metacoda blog post to treat yourself to a copy of the presentation. I'd love to know if any of these tips are helpful to you and why?



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