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Tip of the Day:May 6

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sasCommunity Tip of the Day

You can add a custom URL link in your Web Report Studio report output by creating a custom measure in Information Map Studio.

First, create a custom data item. You can follow the Information Map User Documentation for this one.

Next, select 'Edit' button in the 'Expression Settings' area and type in the URL path.

If you are using another data item as part of the URL path (say, for a parameter in a Stored Process result), use SAS functions to include this as well.

IMAP - Edit Expression Button.png

 /* breaking up into bits so it displays better */
"<a href=/SASStoredProcess/do?"
  || "_program=/test+folder+location/stp+program+name&promptval="
  || strip(put(<<TABLENAME.COLUMNNAME>>,12.))||">"
  || strip(put(<<TABLENAME.COLUMNNAME>>,12.))||"</a>"

Finally, move to the Classification tab and select 'Display as a hyperlink'.

Note: Only the custom data element is underlined in a resulting Web Report Studio List Report. Report Linking (per Report Studio Documentation) will display everything as underlined in a list report because it links to a subsequent application.

IMAP - Display as Hyperlink.png

Submitted by Angela Hall. Contact me at my Discussion Page.

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