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Tips:Determining Nature of SAS Files via their File Extensions

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Did you know that you can determine the nature of SAS files when viewing them on your operating system via their file extension under Windows, Unix, Linux, OpenVMS, and z/OS USS?

Easy/Well-KnownModerate/Not as Well-KnownObscure

.sas - SAS program
.log - SAS log
.lst - SAS list
.sas7bdat - SAS data set

.sas7bndx - SAS index
.sas7bcat - SAS catalog
.sas7bvew - SAS view

.sas7bmdb - SAS MDDB
.sas7bitm - SAS Itemstore

Submitted by Michael A. Raithel, The man who wrote the book on performance.. Contact me at my Discussion Page.