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Tips:Measure SAS Performance with the LOGPARSE SAS Macro

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Did you know that you can get SAS to save SAS task performance information in the log, so that you can later collect it into SAS data sets to check your programs' performance?

If steering the ship by looking at its wake appeals to you, then you can capture such metrics as CPU time, I/O's, real time, and much, much more in a SAS data set while your program is running, and then examine that "performance metrics SAS data set" afterwards.

Click on the see also links for my SUGI 30 paper Programmatically Measure SAS® Application Performance On Any Computer Platform With the New LOGPARSE SAS Macro and Macro Maven Ron Fehd's great paper Modifying The LOGPARSE PassInfo Macro to Provide a Link between Product Usage in Rtrace Log and Time Used in Job Log.

Submitted by Michael A. Raithel, The man who wrote the
book on performance. Contact me at my Discussion Page.

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