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Tips:Modifying SAS Explorer's "View in Excel"

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Changing the functionality of 9.2 SAS Explorer View in Excel

Problem: SAS users often work with various files from many sources in combination and so it's important to have utilities that can quickly look at the data and do things like retrieve the column headers. SAS Explorer's View in Excel works well for opening small datasets and for quickly look at the data or for copying the column names.

Two problems though, medium-to-large datasets load too slowly or are too large, and with version 9.2 SAS began showing the column headers rather than the variable names. Thus the task is to create a new selection on the right-click pop-up below View in Excel to be named View 500 Excel.

Solution: It is possible to modify the Display Manager's SAS Explorer to solve both problems. Read the full article for the details. more more

Submitted By Pchoate