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<div style="float:right">Submitted By [[User:Chang y chung|chang_y_chung]]</div>
<div style="float:right">Submitted By [[User:Chang y chung|chang_y_chung]]</div>
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Did you know that PROC FORMAT in SAS Version 9.3 and later allows regular expressions in INFORMAT and (user-written) function calls in FORMAT? You can even do the reg exp substitutions! Let's try something fun. Read Rick's SGF2012 paper and try to complete the chain reaction. Good luck!

proc format;
   invalue $final 's/final/four/' (regexpe) = [$four.];
   invalue $four  's/four/square/' (regexpe) = [$square.];
   invalue $square 's/square/dance/' (regexpe) = [$dance.];
   /* your code here */
   invalue $travel 's/travel/guide/' (regexpe) = _same_;
run; quit;
data _null_;
   var = input("final", $final.);
   put var=;
/* on log
Submitted By chang_y_chung