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Tips:Reg Exp Substitution in Proc Format

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Did you know that PROC FORMAT in 9.3 allows regular expressions in INFORMAT and (user-written) function calls in FORMAT? Read Rick's SGF2012 paper and try to complete the chain reaction!

proc format;
   invalue $final 's/final/four/' (regexpe) = [$four.];
   invalue $four  's/four/square/' (regexpe) = [$square.];
   invalue $square 's/square/dance/' (regexpe) = [$dance.];
   /* your code here */
   invalue $travel 's/travel/guide/' (regexpe) = _same_;
run; quit;
data _null_;
   var = input("final", $final.);
   put var=;
/* on log
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