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Mike Rhoads first started using SAS software during the late '70s and has been hooked ever since. He is currently a Vice President in the Computer Systems and Applications group at Westat, where he still manages to sneak in an occasional DATA step or two when not attending to his other responsibilities. He has contributed to numerous NESUG and SUGI conferences as a paper presenter and session coordinator, and co-chaired the Administration and Support section for NESUG 2006 (along with Dianne Rhodes, to whom he is not related). Mike has been active in the Washington DC SAS Users Group as a Steering Committee member and Chairperson. He is also an active contributor to SAS-L, for which he helps to organize an annual BOF get-together at SAS Global Forum.

When not immersed in SAS, Mike can frequently be found attending major or minor league baseball games (with particular emphasis on the Philadelphia Phillies and Washington Nationals), or rock / pop / folk concerts at Wolf Trap or other Washington area music venues.