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Hi , I'm Paul. My experience in SAS began in 2016, and I really enjoy using SAS and learning. You are very welcome to post on my talk page or email me if you have questions, something to say about my contributions, or ideas.

Conference Participation

See also Presentations:paulkaefer Papers and Presentations

My Certifications

  • SAS Certified Base Programmer for SAS 9
  • SAS Certified Advanced Programmer for SAS 9

Contributing to this wiki

I have several years of experience editing Wikipedia and quite a bit from an internal MediaWiki site (including as an admin) of a former employer. I am happy to share resources or knowledge.

I have an ideas page for tasks I want to accomplish on this wiki, and a sandbox for working on them. Others are more than welcome to contribute.

SAS books I own

As starting points for your own technical library, I recommend looking at free SAS e-books, becoming a SAS technical reviewer, humble book bundles, and books available for free from various authors/publishers, such as Think Stats.

More about me

In addition to SAS and SQL, I have a lot of experience with MATLAB and Microsoft Excel, and some experience using R and python. I've used other programming languages in university courses.

In writing my master's thesis, I used LaTeX.

I have a personal website that you are welcome to visit.