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Here are some tips for How to share your SAS knowledge with your professional network.

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(New or larger tasks: + Quick Hits - My Favorite SAS® Tricks as a great resource)
(+ benchmarking study on join methods)
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* On tips, see [ this page] with tips from SAS book authors
* On tips, see [ this page] with tips from SAS book authors
* create a related tip / reach out to Kirk to do so []
* create a related tip / reach out to Kirk to do so []
== Useful links ==
* [ Study on the best method to join two tables], perhaps to [[PROC SQL vs. DATA Step]]?

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This is a work in progress. You can contribute to this article.

This is a to-do list for our wiki. Anyone is welcome to contribute. Let me know what you accomplish, or if you have thoughts (preferably on this page's discussion tab or on my talk page).

This list is sort of in priority order.

Open tasks

  • requires an admin to edit
  • really out-of-date (hasn't been edited since 2009), but still relevant
  • some of these terms should be broken out into articles, or as part of a SAS/ACCESS page

New or larger tasks

At least reference Style guide for writing and polishing programs
include Clean Code (cite)
use four spaces instead of tabs, namely because you don't know someone's system settings and what editor(s) they may be using to open the code
avoid LINK [4] and GO TO statements
note: there may be mixed opinions, or reasons against some of these. Like everything, they should be considered and discussed in the context of your project or organization's needs and existing standards.
sample header, which could be posted here; see also GPPSandbox Header and Revision History
follow-up with [5]
see also: [6]
Resources: The Agile Dictionary
I would do a trial first, and gauge the community's thoughts. This page is super cool.
Also sasunit/unit testing, which could be disambiguation pages (search FUTS/"unit testing")
Six Sigma in Minitab or SAS? [8]
JMP paper: [9]
about the book: [10]; code: [11]; index: [12]
@ Wiley: [13]
see also 1, 2, [15]
and SSH/telnet connections
  • resources page? [16] courses page? page on where/how to learn SAS?
refs: [17], [18], [19], this paper, [20], [21], [22] (also referenced on Dictionary), another one
great blogs [23]; sasCom Planet; SAS blogs & email distribution list(s); Data Science Central; [24]
separate page about regression/statistical analysis? [25], [26]
See also: 180...
These and other great collections of links / lessons learned: [ref], [28], [29], qh
Have a quick sample, illustrating to/from/cc/subject, and link to page with more information and examples. Expand the original page to include some code?
titles or roles, and perhaps the differences. data scientist, data steward, data analyst, etc. [37] report
this gets more broad than just SAS, as good data scientists know many languages and tools, which may include R, python, etc.
interview questions: [38]
In progress @ Template:Code; hasn't been working... try < and > in place of < and >?
Alternatively, call it {{sas code}}? Or pass "SAS" as a parameter?
  • a place for miscellaneous advice... could be a tip, could be the aforementioned Resources page.
make sure zip codes (mentioned here), SSNs, etc. are strings, otherwise leading 0s are truncated


  • tip about SAS EG settings (Tools >> Options >> SAS Programs >> Editor Options)
show line numbers
insert four spaces for tabs (since tabs can have different lengths on different systems)
*** my first SAS paper includes information on this (for see also)
compress() ref: [42] thread: [43]
  • On tips, see this page with tips from SAS book authors
  • create a related tip / reach out to Kirk to do so [44]

Useful links