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Welcome and thanks for your first contribution

Hi Crwells,

Welcome to the sasCommunity and thank you for your first contribution!

I copied the information from your notice that WUSS abstracts are due soon to the Western Users of SAS Software‎ Call for Papers section.

However, please be aware that brief notices, like your contribution, which have a limited lifetime because they are alerts about current or forthcoming events, are not really suitable to have on the sasCommunity wiki because we do not have a dedicated news channel to display them on the Main Page. A better idea is to edit the particular article about the topic concerned. In this case the information fits into the Call for Papers section of the Western Users of SAS Software‎ article. This still means the alert goes out as a recent change on the recent changes newsfeed as well as appearing in the relevant article, where people are most likely to read it. It also means that your contribution persists and can be changed, rather than becoming obsolete in a couple of days and needing to be removed.

You also might like to read some of our guidelines, including the one about sasCommunity:titles. As a new user, please feel free to tell us where you think we can improve these guidelines or have omitted to say something you want to know. Also, please ask questions if you don't understand anything we have said. I hope this advice assists you with your future contributions. - Cameron (talk) 18:44, 23 May 2017 (CDT)