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Hi Mhomes, I saw your comments on your recent edit to 201602-QUEST. I wanted to see if you were aware of the Internet Archive. They are a nonprofit that crawls websites and archive content, with the aim of preserving the web's history. You can also save pages directly. For example, see saved versions of the .pdf you linked to. So if you can't upload the .pdf here and SAS removes the link, it will be preserved. - paulkaefer (talk) 07:55, 18 May 2016 (CDT)

Thanks paulkaefer. I was not aware of the web crawler... I saw on the site that it is "Only available for sites that allow crawlers." I've added the page and hopefully it can be found in future. I'm no longer the QUEST chairperson or on the committee but thought the community may want to be able to access the presentations so I thought I'd try to add it. Usually the individual presentations are uploaded so I hadn't run into the file size issue before. Thanks for reading my comment and providing advice. Appreciate it!