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Dates and Locations of Past SAS Global Forum and SUGI Conferences

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  • SAS Global Forum 2018
  • SAS Global Forum 2017, Orlando
  • SAS Global Forum 2016, Las Vegas
  • SAS Global Forum 2015, Dallas
  • SAS Global Forum 2014, National Harbor, MD
  • SAS Global Forum 2013, San Francisco
  • SAS Global Forum 2012, Orlando April 22-25
  • SAS Global Forum 2011, Las Vegas, NV
  • SAS Global Forum 2010, Seattle, Washington, Washington State Convention and Trade Center
  • SAS Global Forum 2009, Gaylord Nat'l Harbor, MD
  • SAS Global Forum 2008, San Antonio
  • SAS Global Forum 2007

Date: April 16-19, 2007 Location: Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort Orlando, Florida Conference Chair: Robert C. Fecht Attendees: 3655

  • SUGI 31

Date: March 26-29, 2006 Location: Moscone West Convention Center San Francisco, California Conference Chair: Kim LeBouton Attendees: 4242

  • SUGI 30

Date: April 10-13, 2005 Location: Pennsylvania Convention Center Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Conference Chair: Greg S. Nelson Attendees: 3258

  • SUGI 29

Date: May 9 - 12, 2004 Location: Le Palais des congrès de Montréal Montréal, Québec, CANADA Conference Chair: Duke Owen Attendees: 2987

  • SUGI 28

Date: March 30 - April 2, 2003 Location: Washington State Trade and Convention Center Seattle, Washington Conference Chair: Art Carpenter Attendees: 3036

  • SUGI 27

Date: April 14-17, 2002 Location: Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort Orlando, Florida Conference Chair: Cyndie Gareleck Attendees: 3676

  • SUGI 26

Date: April 22-25, 2001 Location: Long Beach Convention Center Long Beach, CA Conference Chair: Frank Fry Attendees: 3720

  • SUGI 25

Date: April 9-12, 2000 Location: Indiana Convention Center Indianapolis, IN Conference Chair: Nancy Wilson Attendees:3000

  • SUGI 24

Date: April 11-14, 1999 Location: Miami Beach, FL Headquarters Hotel: Fontainebleau Hilton Resort & Towers Conference Chair: Mic Lajiness Attendees:3775

  • SUGI 23

Date: March 22-25, 1998 Location: Nashville, TN Headquarters Hotel: Opryland Hotel Conference Chair: Sally Goosetry Attendees:3000

  • SUGI 22

Date: March 16-19, 1997 Location: San Diego, CA Headquarters Hotel: San Diego Marriott Hotel & Marina Conference Chair: Janet Bosomworth Attendees: 3000

  • SUGI 21

Date: March 10-13, 1996 Location: Chicago, Illinois Headquarters Hotel: Chicago Hilton & Towers Conference Chair: Paul Grant Attendees: 3000

  • SUGI 20

Date: April 2-5, 1995 Location: Orlando, Florida Headquarters Hotel: Walt Disney World Dolphin Conference Chair: Neil Howard Attendees: 2600

  • SUGI 19

Date: April 10-13, 1994 Location: Dallas, Texas Headquarters Hotel: Loews Anatole Conference Chair: Peter Kretzman Attendees: 2500

  • SUGI 18

Date: May 9-12, 1993 Location: New York, New York Headquarters Hotel: Hilton & Towers/Sheraton Conference Chair: Jerry L. Oglesby Attendees: 3500

  • SUGI 17

Date: April 12-15, 1992 Location: Honolulu, Hawaii Headquarters Hotel: Hilton Hawaiian Village Conference Chair: E. Jeffrey Hutchinson Attendees: 2500

  • SUGI 16

Date: February 17-20, 1991: Location: New Orleans, Louisiana Headquarters Hotel: Hilton Riverside & Towers Conference Chair: Martin J. Rosenberg Attendees: 3500

  • SUGI 15

Date: April 1-4, 1990: Location: Nashville, Tennessee Headquarters Hotel: Opryland Conference Chair: Tony L. Oña Attendees: 3500

  • SUGI 14

Date: April 9-12, 1989: Location: San Francisco, California Headquarters Hotel: SF Hilton & Tower Conference Chair: Richard LaValley Attendees: 4000

  • SUGI 13

Date: March 27-30, 1988: Location: Orlando, Florida Headquarters Hotel: Orlando World Marriott Conference Chairs: Paul M. Hamer and Gerald Hobbs Attendees: 3500

  • SUGI 12

Date: February 8-11, 1987: Location: Dallas, Texas Headquarters Hotel: Loews Anatole Conference Chair: Pat Hermes Smith Attendees: 2800

  • SUGI 11

Date: February 9-12, 1986: Location: Atlanta, Georgia Headquarters Hotel: Atlanta Hilton & Tower Conference Chair: Don Henderson Attendees: 2600

  • SUGI 10

Date: March 10-13, 1985: Location: Reno, Nevada Headquarters Hotel: MGM Grand Conference Chairs: Mike Farrell and Rod Strand Attendees: 2500

  • SUGI '84

Date: March 18-21, 1984: Location: Hollywood Beach, Florida Headquarters Hotel: Diplomat Hotel Conference Chair: Sally Carson Attendees: 2092

  • SUGI '83

Date: January 16-19, 1983: Location: New Orleans, Louisiana Headquarters Hotel: New Orleans Marriott Conference Chair: J. Philip Miller Attendees: 1656

  • SUGI '82

Date: February 14-17, 1982 Location: San Francisco, CA Headquarters Hotel: SF Hilton & Tower Conference Chair: Helene Cavior Attendees: 1322

  • SUGI '81

Date: February 8-11, 1981 Location: Lake Buena Vista, FL Headquarters Hotel: Dutch Inn Conference Chair: Kenneth L. Koonce Attendees: 1020

  • SUGI '80

Date: February 18-20, 1980 Location: San Antonio, TX Headquarters Hotel: St. Anthony Hotel Conference Chair: Rudolf Freund Attendees: 600

  • SUGI '79

Date: January 29-31, 1979 Location: Clearwater, FL Headquarters Hotel: Sheraton Sand Key Conference Chairs: Ramon Littell and William Wilson Attendees: 500

  • SUGI '78

Date: January 30 - February 1, 1978 Location: Las Vegas, NV Headquarters Hotel: Caesar's Palace Conference Chairs: Mike Farrell and Rod Strand Attendees: 241

  • SUGI '77

Date: January 3-5, 1977 Location: New Orleans, LA Headquarters Hotel: Fairmont Conference Chair: Rod Helms Attendees: 200

  • SUGI '76

Date: January 26-28, 1976 Location: Kissimmee, FL Headquarters Hotel: Hyatt World Conference Chair: Julian Horwich Attendees: 206

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sasCommunity Tip of the Day

Call routines SORTN and SORTC can order an array in ascending order only. What if you want to order it in descending order? Here is an easy way!

  data _null_;
    array arr[*] v1-v5 (1 2 3 4 5);
    put "before:" (v1-v5) (= +1);
    /* reverse the variable list in a new array definition and sort */
    array rev[*] v5-v1;
    call sortn(of rev[*]);
    put "after :" (v1-v5) (= +1);
  /* on log
  before: v1=1  v2=2  v3=3  v4=4  v5=5
  after : v1=5  v2=4  v3=3  v4=2  v5=1

For a detailed discussion on variable lists, see Schreier (2011).

Submitted By chang_y_chung

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What's New to be Decommissioned

December 7, 2017
Notice from the sasCommunity Advisory Team

Today, SAS practitioners have unprecedented access to expertise from their fellow SAS users around the world. Using modern community forums and code sharing platforms, SAS users are learning from each other more than ever before.

Although there is a demonstrated increased interest in SAS topics in general, we’ve seen the traffic and contributions on remain flat (and even decline) over the past few years. The team has taken the decision to help users to focus on the newer, well-supported platforms -- and decommission this wiki-based site.

Before we cover some logistics, we want to recognize the important role that – and all of its volunteers and contributors – has served over the past 10 years. The site pioneered peer-to-peer collaboration around SAS during an era when there were fewer alternatives. We are grateful to those who devoted countless hours to building and nurturing the site. Thank you!

Now…on to the future. Our first step will be to put the site into ‘Read Only Mode’ on January 1, 2018. This will allow the relocation of important and popular content responsibly, while eliminating the overhead of accepting new pages. We plan to support, as best we can, the owners of existing content to make sure they can find a new home for content and articles they want to preserve before the final decommissioning (that date is TBD).

Examples of content that we know that probably should be relocated:

  • Author Pages
  • User Groups pages
  • Historical Conference Proceedings
  • Planet (blogs aggregator)
  • Several unique and very popular articles

Some of this content may be relocated to the SAS Support Communities ( with the help of SAS Institute. Historical proceedings might find a home alongside the other proceedings we have for more recent SAS conferences. Code-based projects may be a better fit on GitHub, a site designed specifically for sharing code related to any technology. All ideas are under discussion, and we welcome your input.

Thanks for your valuable support over the years, and we look forward to continued collaboration!

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Apr 17, 2014
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