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Whitlock papers

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Ian Whitlock Papers

The complete list of papers written by Ian Whitlock is available via Lex Jansen's author search page. This page lists papers with the same title published more than once.

Code or Data

  • 1999:sugi24.p40
    • 10 pp., Advanced Tutorials (sugi24), report writing with data null, macro CopyRepl
    • Whitlock-I:1998.10-nesug-069:code-or-data
    • Whitlock-I:1997.09-sesug-083:code-or-data

Data Structure Determines Programming Effort

Formats, Informats and How to Program with Them

  • 2007:nesug.ff19
    • 14 pp., dates, proc format cntlin cntlout multi-label, proc datasets, recoding and lookups
    • Whitlock-I:2007.11-sesug-is03:formats-informats
    • Whitlock-I:2005.10-sesug-in02:formats-informats
    • Whitlock-I:2001.09-scsug-055:formats-informats
    • Whitlock-I:2001.09-sesug-357:formats-informats

Getting Started with Macro

  • 1999:sesug.025
    • 10 pp., %include, call execute, call symput, debugging
    • Whitlock-I:1999.10-nesug-bt046:getting-started-w-macro
    • Whitlock-I:1999.04-sugi-63:getting-started-w-macro

Macro Bugs --- How to Create, Avoid, and Destroy Them

  • 2007:sgf.238
    • 20 pp., Tutorials, compare compile and execute issues, step boundary, call symput
    • Whitlock-I:2005.10-sesug-tu13:macro-bugs-create,
    • Whitlock-I:2005.04-sugi-252:macro-bugs-create,

SAS(R) Macro Design Issues

  • 2009:sesug.ad012
    • 12 pp.,
    • Whitlock-I:2004.10-sesug-tu12:macro-design,
    • Whitlock-I:2002.09-sesug-tu16:macro-design,
    • Whitlock-I:2002.09-nesug-at006:macro-design,
    • Whitlock-I:2002.04-sugi-p067:macro-design,
    • Dunn-T-Whitlock-M:2007.09-scsug-report:macro-design,
    • Dunn-T-Whitlock-I:2006.09-nesug-da25:macro-design,

A Second Look at SAS Macro Design Issues

  • 2004:nesug.pm01
    • 11 pp.,
    • Whitlock-I:2004.10-sesug-tu13:macro-design-2nd-look,
    • Whitlock-I:2004.05-sugi-244:macro-design-2nd-look,

%IFN --- A Macro Function

  • 2006:sesug.sc09
    • 6 pp., %superq, %sysevalf
    • Chung-C-Whitlock-I:2006.09-nesug-cc04:macro-function-ifn,
    • Chung-C-Whitlock-I:2006.03-sugi-042:macro-function-ifn,

Macro --- How and Why

How to Write a Macro to Make External Flat Files

Make Your Own Macro Processor

A Serious Look Macro Quoting

  • A Serious Look Macro Quoting 2010:nesug
    • 13 pp.,
    • Whitlock-I:2010.09-sesug-bb10:macro-quoting-serious,
    • Whitlock-I:2010.04-sgf-029:macro-quoting-serious,
    • Whitlock-I:2009.10-sesug-ff009:macro-quoting-serious,
    • Whitlock-I:2009.09-nesug-bb02:macro-quoting-serious,
    • Whitlock-I:2003.09-nesug-at012:macro-quoting-serious,
    • Whitlock-I:2003.03-sugi-011:macro-quoting-serious,

Names, Names, Names --- Make Me a List

  • 2008:sesug-sbc128
    • 11 pp., macro functions \%str, \%qscan, \%superq, \%sysfunc, \%unquote; nine example macros
    • Whitlock-I:2007.04-sgf-052:making-list-of-names,

An OBS Limit with a WHERE Condition

  • 1999:sesug-103
    • 2 pp., two example macros
    • Whitlock-I:1999.10-nesug-086:obs-limit,

PROC SQL --- Is it a Required Tool for Good {SAS} Programming?

  • 2001:sesug.829
    • 6 pp., compared to procedures print, sort, summary; sql concepts: cartesian product, fuzzy matching, summarization, macro lists
    • Whitlock-I:2001.08-scsug-146:sql-required-tool,
    • Whitlock-I:2001.04-sugi-060:sql-required-tool,

How to Think through the SAS(R) DATA Step

  • 2007:sgf.208
    • 19 pp., steps, \%include, global statements, data structure, compile vs. execution, implied data step loop, input/output (I/O),
program data vector (PDV), conditional and looping statements, arrays, missing values
    • Whitlock-I:2006.10-sesug-tu13:thinking-thru-data-step,
    • Whitlock-I:2006-nesug.09-da17:thinking-thru-data-step,
    • Whitlock-I:2006.03-sugi-246:thinking-thru-data-step,


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