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Discussion forum for gardeners

I wonder if there should be a dedicated discussion forum for Gardeners. Other wiki have areas for discussing and coordinating the collaborative writing activities of the community of users that are contributing to their projects. For example: Wikipedia started off having a forum called the Village pump, which has since grown into numerous separate forums to meet the needs of the various teams of people that now contribute there. A simpler example from Wikitravel and Page Wikivoyage is the Travellers' pub which is mostly a community question and answer bulletin board.

What I am thinking of is having a small gardening centric project coordination and discussion page that deals with common issues that gardeners face. It would be a place to have this sort of conversation in a common area, rather than on a user's talk page. I was thinking of calling it The Potting Shed because that is where the garden supplies are kept and where plants get re-potted (to continue the gardening concept). It is also where the gardeners encounter each other and is a convenient place to leave little messages for each other because one would expect gardeners to visit there every now and again any way. Off-topic discussion would be strongly discouraged and be directed to a different area, such as a forum called The Garden Path for a general discussion (as in wandering down, or being lead up, the garden path.) or The Greenhouse for fostering those new projects were people are wanting to collaborate on a particular activity. Does anyone have any thoughts about this, or any other, sort of forum? - Cameron (talk) 04:09, 30 April 2017 (CDT)